5 erreurs a ne pas commettre dans le choix de vos tenues professionnelles

5 mistakes not to make when choosing your professional outfits

5 mistakes not to make when choosing your professional outfits

The fall season can be challenging for women who work in a well-defined professional environment. You can follow all the fashion trends, but some of them are not suitable for offices. If you want to look stylish and wear a workplace-appropriate outfit, keep reading our topic of the day: 5 fashion mistakes you should avoid and tips to fix them.

Mistake #1: leggings, sequins and shorts

Wearing leggings can be a little tricky and these should probably be reserved for the weekend. Sequins should be worn with extreme caution and make sure that the piece encrusted with them represents the style of the company with certainty. For a more confident look, an embroidered jacket worn to the office will be more appropriate instead of a sequin-adorned piece which might be too flashy in a professional environment. If you want to wear a pair of leggings, always wear them with a long blouse or tunic, or even a structured top like a ruffled top to hide the hips or sometimes mask the transparency of the fabric. Regarding shorts, it depends on the professional field, if you work in a creative or artistic work environment this may be acceptable.

If you are looking for a model that will accompany you everywhere on a daily basis, as suitable for the city as for the office, you will choose this one without the slightest hesitation!

Mistake #2: Too casual an outfit

Although it depends on the office, we don't expect to always wear something super cool. Jeans and a simple blouse or t-shirt can do the trick. A jacket accompanied by shorts or Bermuda shorts should be selected with caution but can represent chic outfits for women . Jeans and flip-flops should be avoided in all circumstances! More and more often Friday is a day where outfits are more casual, take the opportunity to wear your jeans which you will enhance with a short and chic women's jacket .

Between casual fashion and a refined line, this zipped jacket displays a navy blue shade mixing chic spirit and casual inspiration.

Mistake #3: A trendy but inappropriate outfit

Even if you work in an office in the fashion industry, remember that your business is first and foremost a business. From time to time, women will think that they need to wear something that is in sync with the trend or at the forefront of current fashion, but it is actually more important to look on the professional side and stay up to date. its place. If you want to reflect fashion, consider wearing a structured jacket or jacket with a black A-line dress or a striped skirt with a white and black top to maintain an elegant and chic look.

Absolutely feminine and sensual with its V-neckline and revealing all the charm of the wearer, this sublime black dress will make you a chic and elegant woman.

Mistake #4: Slacking a little too much on Friday

Even if the Friday outfit (Friday-wear or Casual-Friday) is synonymous with relaxation, it should not be too sloppy. It's still a work day and although the spirit can be more relaxed, your appearance must still display the style of a studious atmosphere. If you want to wear jeans, opt for an elegant style with a clean cut. Chic black pants with a flared cut can be combined with your favorite t-shirt. A chic jacket can complete the ensemble.

Easy to wear, these short black pants are a great women's fashion basic that has its place in the most modern wardrobes.

Mistake #5: Not paying attention to your overall appearance.

No matter what you wear, everything must be clean and impeccably ironed. Your shoes and bag are in good condition. You never know when you'll be required to attend a meeting with clients or high-level executives, so you need to establish regular habits to ensure you present at an impeccable standard. You like lighter colors, this choice can prove to be a winner for an elegant presentation highlighting your femininity. All these daily attentions will give you a lot of satisfaction and it will also be the assurance of starting your working day well and demonstrating your desire to appear professional in all circumstances.

Original, this casual jacket without buttons brings a touch of novelty to your wardrobe. Its modern look and elegant collar make it an ideal piece for the city as well as for the office.

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