Vos tenues professionnelles : de l'été à l'automne ?

Your professional outfits: from summer to fall?

Your professional outfits: from summer to fall?

The changes in season and especially the transition from summer to fall will allow you to diversify your look. Looking for the best compromise to adapt your outfits to the arrival of autumn, you can highlight your wise side but also stand out from the ordinary. How to play with this season’s codes and make them your own? Give free rein to your desire to create and don't shy away from your pleasure in front of your mirror.

Opt for a jacket or coat

You want to add a warmer garment to your pretty summer dress to cope with the cooler morning and evening temperatures, a straight blazer is a good choice to highlight your waist. For better comfort at work, check that you do not feel restricted in your movements, either in the arms or in the chest. For outside, a woolen cloth coat, with an impeccable fall on the shoulders and whose length exceeds that of the dress, will be perfect and will reveal your elegant approach. Your look will be perfectly suited to the professional style.

Wear an unbuttoned vest or overshirt

You want to modify your professional outfit , why not consider an unbuttoned shirt. It will provide you with the extra comfort you expect and will allow you to move freely. Another possible alternative: keep outfits in pastel shades and bring in more autumnal shades. To cope with temperature changes, switch from short sleeves to long sleeves, you can also layer several layers and remove them during the day. You have a nice leather jacket, it will do the trick at this time of year to combat the morning chill.

Wear a classic wool sweatshirt or jacket

The demure and ordinary are not part of your life and you love to create your look. You want to choose very diverse outfits, the cool appearance and comfort provided by a sweatshirt can allow you to cope with the freshness of the morning or the end of the day. A sweatshirt with a pretty knit, a top with a turtleneck over pants will be just as trendy. What is fundamental is to find the right balance between comfort and elegance.

Opt for original prints

What is important is to find a balance between true femininity and extravagance. Floral prints or stripes have been all the rage this summer, you can continue to wear them at the start of the season as long as they remain appropriate for cooler temperatures. You will complete this choice with neutral and timeless accessories which will reinforce the visual aspect of your outfit. You can also swap your black pants for printed pants . Don't hesitate to add a pretty belt or scarf in an autumnal color like beige or chestnut.

Wear a shawl or stole

If you fear catching a cold even with layers of clothing, buy a warm scarf or stole and you will be able to elegantly combat cold drafts. Clothing has a practical, sometimes playful function, but it is also a way of asserting yourself and letting people know who you are and what you want. Show the diversity of your desires in a joyful and extravagant world, don't be afraid to display your true femininity in any season.

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