Quel type de pantalon porter au travail ?

What type of pants to wear to work?

What type of pants to wear to work?

No matter what type of company you work for, whether it's a company where creativity is key or a company where the outfit you wear needs to be elegant and formal, it is always possible to add a trendy or comfortable note. Mademoiselle Grenade invites you today to read these 6 chic alternatives to vary your outfit and use different types of pants.

1 jogging

If you have chosen jogging pants or sweatpants for your office outfit, choose fabrics woven in wool and silk on cotton, and avoid those in knit, jersey and sponge because they will give you an overly casual look. In order to maintain a correct and elegant style, choose a model with lower legs finished with hems . If there is a visible drawstring on the front of the pants, be sure to keep it hidden under a blouse or shirt for a more proper appearance.

2 wide pants

Wide leg pants , especially in denim, reflect a retro (seventies vibe) or bohemian style, so choose them in black, navy blue, or shades of white for a professional and elegant look. Brown or camer shades can give a more carefree look. So it’s best to keep these types of shades for your casual weekends. Add some structure with a single-breasted coat or jacket and avoid wearing them with sweaters that are too baggy and loose.

3. Leather or leather effect pants

Do you like to wear leather or faux leather pants to go to work? In this case, choose it that is neither too close to the body nor too shiny. It is better to choose classically made leather pants with a zip and pockets rather than a wide cut and without careful finishing. You will give a more creative image to the office if you combine it with a chic blouse and a well-cut blazer. Another solution is to pair your pants with a classic trench coat to balance out its dynamic vibe!

4. White or black for sim jeans

Wearing jeans may be acceptable in a typical office, but to make it reflect a professional atmosphere, opt for tight-fitting white or black jeans and cut down on ripped or overly worn styles. Your jeans paired with a classic button-down blouse or structured tunic can be just the thing to add a chic, office-appropriate look.

5. The jumpsuit

When selecting a jumpsuit , look for a cut that will flatter your figure. This should be neither too tight nor too loose so that your body is comfortable. You can opt for striped prints, suitable for a professional environment, but it is best to avoid floral patterns which are not really suitable for a studious atmosphere. Whether with or without sleeves, don't hesitate to wear a jacket over your suit. A jacket, or blazer , is a great way to add a little more structure and seriousness to your outfit.

6. Culottes or culottes

Working in a creative environment allows you to experiment with outfits. Consider white culottes that will pair perfectly with a chic lace blouse or chiffon top. This way you maintain a professional and comfortable spirit

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