Ajoutez du style à votre dressing professionnel

Add style to your professional wardrobe

Add style to your professional wardrobe

It seems that making a good impression on people at our workplace is the key to wanting to go there in the morning. But it's hard to make an impression and make a good impression by being dressed like everyone else, isn't it? Showing your authenticity and your personal style at work is not easy. Companies often have a somewhat formal dressing code. However, it is still possible to stand out from the crowd by adopting chic and elegant outfits suitable for the professional environment . Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some ideas that will certainly help you express your uniqueness with class.

Add a pop of color to your outfit

Even if your business is formal and requires you to stick to a neutral color code, you can still add a little color here or there. If, for example, you have an outfit made up of a gray pencil skirt and a navy blue blouse , nothing stops you from accessorizing and livening up your look a little by wearing a colored bracelet, a pair of colorful shoes... L The idea is not to remove the formal colors imposed by your business or profession but rather to use them as a basis to express your personal style .

Gray suit and fuchsia top set

Wear colorful blouses or blouses

It's hard not to come across a white blouse in our workplace , isn't it? The white blouse is a classic in both women's and men's wardrobes , but it is mainly worn in a professional setting. If you want to be bold and assert yourself a little, don't hesitate to opt for a colorful blouse or a feminine colored blouse. You can also opt for a printed blouse. You are sure to stand out.

Coral-colored low-cut blouse

Dare to wear a printed women's suit

The women's suit (whether it's a trouser suit or a skirt suit) is an essential part of the professional wardrobe and adopting it for your days at the office will never be a bad choice. However, if you want to stand out a little, you can opt for a printed suit. Of course, if you choose to wear a printed ensemble to work, it's best to opt for muted designs rather than ones that are too flashy or bold. You can opt for a suit with discreet stripes or checks or for a very subtle floral print.

Trouser suit with floral print, for women

Try the Monochromatic Look

Wearing a single shade from head to toe requires a lot of confidence, and it's a safe bet that your office colleagues aren't opting for the monochromatic look . Aside from the total black look , perhaps. So take advantage of the chance offered to you by adopting this style for a day? The monochromatic look not only has the effect of attracting attention, it also has the advantage of making us appear slimmer and taller. Nice, right?

Tuxedo suit set for women, black.

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