Aujourd’hui, laissez tomber votre chemisier ou votre blouse ajustée

Today, ditch your fitted blouse or blouse

Today, ditch your fitted blouse or blouse

If you diligently follow the articles that Mademoiselle Grenade offers you, you have come a long way and we are convinced that your clothing style has greatly improved. In any case, this is our wish.

By now you probably understand that looking stylish is not about spending a lot of money on your wardrobe and that there is no need to dress conventionally.

You also know that it is, despite everything, safe to put on an outfit made up of reliable clothing suitable for formal events as well as business days. However, it is possible that you sometimes have room to maneuver allowing you to think outside the box and express your uniqueness by mixing your professional wardrobe with more casual clothes to add a slight touch of style to your outfits. Mademoiselle Grenade invites you today to show a little irreverence by putting aside your fitted blouse or your buttoned blouse .

Another way to wear your fitted jacket or blazer

You're used to pairing your suit jacket with a blouse or blouse, right? Rest assured, most women do this. It's a combination that has worked for decades: a fitted jacket requires a fitted blouse or fitted blouse. But today you are going to make an exception. The anti-blouse is the round neck T-shirt or with a V-neck. You can find very good quality ones in designer stores but you can also opt for a pack of three men's T-shirts in the supermarket near at your place. Your investment will be significantly reduced and the resulting look will be essentially the same.

Your casual and feminine look of the day:

The moment you combine your basic top with your fitted jacket or blazer jacket , it will take a big breath of fresh air. Just make sure you create this pairing with a perfectly structured jacket made from high-quality fabric. This will create a perfect balance. Now, you have a look that allows you to move with complete confidence and very appreciable comfort for the whole day. You will be able to appear with as much femininity, you will not give the impression of being less well dressed than usual and you will always have the same natural authority. Ultimately the power of this outfit lies in temporarily distancing yourself from an obvious and a little too secure choice.

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