Investissez dans un tailleur gris. Pourquoi acheter un tailleur gris ?

Invest in a gray suit.

Invest in a gray suit.

If you are about to buy a women's suit, whether it is a complete set or two separate pieces of the same tone, we strongly recommend that you choose it in a shade of gray, neither too light nor too dark. Mademoiselle Grenade explains to you why a skirt or pants plus jacket set in this neutral shade is a very good idea.

Black suits are a great choice for formal evenings or funerals. The blue suit is perfect for dressing in a corporate look, necessary in business, during a meeting or a conference . White suits are recommended for the warm months of the year or to look absolutely remarkable. The gray suit is perfect for all these situations. Versatile, it can accompany you for your days at the office, your elegant outings, or your evenings with friends. It lends itself equally well to formal looks and causal-chic outfits .

Women's pantsuit set, gray

It is for these reasons that you should opt for this color if the suit is not part of the basic clothing of your personal style . This neutral color pairs perfectly with an endless palette of shades and you can occasionally choose to wear the pieces separately. Choose a mid-season model so you can easily wear it all year round.

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