S’habiller de façon décontractée au travail.

Dress casually at work.

Dress casually at work.

Fashion is good but combining comfort with style is even better. So if you are lucky enough to be in a company with a rather casual dressing code , why not take the opportunity to have a little fun by adopting a casual style and less formal outfits? Do you want to know how to dress comfortably, stylishly and professionally in a young and dynamic company where the working atmosphere is relaxed? Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips that will transform your usual outfits into casual work outfits, while maintaining your personality and style.

Wear jeans to work?

Remember, not all casual clothing is created equal. For example, the jeans and t-shirts you wear while cleaning may not really be considered in your workplace. A casual office dress code doesn't mean "bad quality clothes" or "cheap clothes", so if jeans are your go-to piece, invest in good quality jeans. Jeans without holes or tears can be worn to work with a stylish cotton shirt. If you opt for denim outfits, make sure to dress them up to make them look chic.

For example, if you want to wear a denim shirt, tuck it into a structured pencil skirt to achieve a polished and elegant look. Denim jeans can serve as the basis for an office look, as long as you opt for solid blue, white, or black jeans and pair them with a dressy top. A denim skirt can also be the solution for a comfortable outfit, but you need to pay attention to its length and pair it with a sweatshirt, a shirt, a fitted blouse or a blouse with long sleeves.

Wear leggings to work?

Remember that most leggings cannot double as pants, even in casual and creative settings. Instead of leggings, you can choose a more dressy outfit and prefer culotte pants, straight pants or even flared pants. If your pants seem to be too close to the body or tight, you can always wear them with a flowing blouse or tunic. These pieces will have the advantage of covering you in an elegant way.

Wear coveralls to work?

Although you can forget about denim overalls, you can still wear jumpsuits to the office. Simply accessorize your jumpsuit with minimal accessories , like a pair of shoes, chic sunglasses, a nice bag and some jewelry. Putting together a professional outfit with a jumpsuit is entirely achievable as long as you choose the accessories with elegance and style.

Wear prints to work?

Patterns and prints can be a great way to add some dimension to your style. Although you can wear bold designs, avoid overly inappropriate prints that could discredit the professional that you are. You can wear subtle prints on your coats, dresses, blouses, skirts, and even on accessories like scarves and bags. While mixing prints is not always encouraged by companies when it comes to office outfits, you can, within reason, mix a few prints and wear them in a subtle way.

No matter how you put together your outfits, you should avoid wearing T-shirts, shorts, mini-skirts, tank tops and other clothes that are inappropriate because they are too close-fitting or oversized. Finally, sets that include logos, graphic images and printed messages should be banned. Remember that “casual” or “relaxed” should always mean elegant. Adopting a sloppy style is unacceptable in all professional circles, even in creative professional circles.

Ban grunge, rock or even glam-rock outfits which are not appropriate for professional life. Finally, remember that the casual clothes you wear to work should always be clean and wrinkle-free to be appropriate for a professional environment, no matter how casual.

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