Comment Transformer sa tenue de bureau en tenue de cocktail ?

How to transform your office outfit into a cocktail outfit?

How to transform your office outfit into a cocktail outfit?

Juggling the demands of corporate life and your social life can sometimes be a difficult challenge. This is often the case when you have the opportunity to grab a drink after work and have very little time to change your outfit from your professional look to an evening look suitable for a night out on the town. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you today some tips for transforming your office ensemble into a cocktail outfit.

With the following tips, you can easily adapt your office ensemble into a cocktail outfit with a more chic and glamorous look, corresponding to an evening with friends.

1 Make the right choice as soon as you wake up

If you are planning to go to a party or party after your office hours, you can opt for a dress or a skirt. These two very feminine pieces are often suitable for professional outfits as well as evening wear. For example, you can choose to wear a slightly low-cut dress which will be suitable for your day at work and will lend itself perfectly to a party look in the evening. You can also choose a pretty pencil skirt which will give you a slightly formal look at the office and which will also constitute a more festive outfit, suitable for a dinner or an evening with friends.

2 Opt for bright colors

If you work in a dynamic company where there is a creative atmosphere and which does not impose an overly formal dressing code, you can certainly wear bright colors or at least not too conventional ones. If so, take advantage of this freedom offered to you and opt for festive colors. You can wear a yellow blouse with a dark-colored pleated skirt or even a pastel yellow sheath dress that you will combine with a blazer jacket for your day at the office . These outfits will be perfect for your night out on the town. If black and white are timeless and elegant shades, perfectly suitable for evening outfits, turning to bright shades and colorful hues will also bring life to your nighttime outfit, which is even more appreciated in the summer period.

3 Prints suitable for the office and perfect for evening

If they're not too bold, opting for prints can add some creative touches to your office outfits, making them suitable for those planned nights out after work. Classic prints, floral or geometric patterns lend themselves perfectly to professional outfits. But, once again, avoid at all costs prints that are too large, too colorful... which could harm your professionalism. Instead, opt for elegant and delicate prints with color combinations that are pleasing to the eye without being too flashy and you will be assured of not having to change anything to make a splash in the evening.

4 Swap your ballet flats for sparkling shoes

If you don't have time to make a radical outfit change to be the queen of the evening or if you are invited unexpectedly, simply replace your office shoes with a pretty pair of colorful sandals which will be enough to bring a little freshness to your outfit and will transform your office look into a glamorous evening look. It's a simple, effective and effortless change.

5 A simple necklace can change everything

If you're not a fan of bright colors and don't want to give in to their appeal, simply wear a necklace over your office outfit to adapt it to the evening ahead. Believe us a simple necklace can change a classic and formal outfit into a chic, glamorous and festive outfit. For example, try wearing a bib necklace over your white blouse or a pretty gold necklace to spice up your slightly conservative office outfit. You will see that this small modification can offer a radical change in style. By following these tips, you can easily transform your office outfits into cocktail or evening outfits. You will no longer have to worry about your appearance and will not have to return home to leave.

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