Comment être l'employée la mieux habillée ?

How to be the best dressed employee?

How to be the best dressed employee?

Dressing for work can sometimes be boring, especially when you work for a company where the dress code is strict and formal. The pieces you wear to work reflect your personality. This is why you should pay special attention to your work outfits even if, for you, dressing for the office is a chore. You need to be sure to always look decent, dress appropriately and look fabulous. Being assured that you are impeccably dressed and that you are perfectly dressed will help you feel confident and will also boost your performance at work.

Your work wardrobe should be stylish, functional and professional. Create a professional wardrobe worthy of the name and you will have the assurance of never having to worry about making a good impression on your work colleagues, your superiors, your boss or even your clients. You do not know where to start ? Mademoiselle Grenade is pleased to give you some advice that will allow you to be the best-dressed employee in the entire company. Follow the leader !

Wear a jacket or blazer

Completing your outfits with a jacket or blazer may seem trivial to you, but it makes a real difference to your outfit. Wearing a blazer or jacket over your work outfit will complete your look and give you a professional look, perfectly suited to your work. A blazer will also be useful for dressing up a casual, more relaxed outfit, for dressing up on days when you can be a little looser, like Frida wear, for example, or a cocktail at the office . If you're just starting to build a professional wardrobe, don't forget to add a jacket or two. You'll be happy with the investment when you're pressed for time and need to put together a professional outfit in no time.

Let yourself be seduced by a suit jacket and skirt set

Want to be chic and feminine at work? Rather than systematically wearing a pantsuit, why not swap it for a chic and irresistible skirt ? Matching skirt and jacket sets have a strong visual impact. They bring a real business woman look and will give you the aura of a confident and self-assured business woman. Just what you need to impress your boss or an important client.

Accessorize correctly

Although they are trendy and can possibly appear chic, plastic jewelry is not at all suitable for professional attire and should therefore not find a place in your office wardrobe. When choosing some accessories to complement your work outfits, be sure to choose timeless and elegant pieces like pretty earrings or quality necklaces. Opt for chic, quality materials. A pretty watch can also be adapted to your executive woman style. However, be careful not to stack your jewelry and not to stack necklaces on top of each other. If you love this casual style, keep it for your casual outfits and relaxing outings. When completing your look for a day at work, remember that the fewer accessories you wear, the better the result will be.

Add color

While pop and bright colors are not always welcome in the corporate world, some companies have a dressing code that does not prohibit the wearing of colored clothing. If this is the case for your business then take full advantage of it. Most women build their professional wardrobe with basic pieces in neutral colors. If this is how you made your work wardrobe, that's great. However, several studies have recently shown that wearing color at work is also a good way to stand out from your colleagues and can even help you get a promotion more easily. Why deprive yourself of it?

According to a survey carried out in England among 2000 workers, 30% of those surveyed felt more confident, creative and optimistic when they wore color. And 25% of those surveyed say they feel happier around colleagues dressed in bright colors. So even if you are a fan of the monochrome trend, you should not be too monotonous. Adopt a bit of fantasy by wearing a little color. Add a touch here or there. On your shoes, for starters, or your accessories. You will quickly be seduced by color and will soon dare to wear colorful tops and skirts in bright, shimmering shades.

Don't forget the heels

Wearing heels always helps us feel confident, but they also give our outfits a real oomph. Complete your professional outfit with a pretty pair of heeled sandals but make sure to always have a pair of ballet flats or flats in your bag. Your feet will certainly appreciate having a break from the day, hidden under the desk for example.

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