Comment s’habiller pour un cocktail au bureau ?

How to dress for a cocktail at the office?

How to dress for a cocktail at the office?

To celebrate the good quarterly results, a cocktail is organized with management on Friday lunchtime! To celebrate the departure of Jean-Claude, the historic salesman, everyone will go for a drink, then it will be a restaurant! Good news ? Yes, but when it comes to clothing, you don't know which outfit to choose . To find the right balance between chic but also casual (and always professional) outfits , Mademoiselle Grenade guides you.

The workplace cocktail

Whether the “friendship drink” is taken between noon and two or after the day, in the premises, there is no question of making it an extraordinary event that shakes up your wardrobe. Avoid deviating from your usual look as much as possible because this will be considered “weird”. If you are used to coming in a suit or with carrot pants and a loose top (like this semi-fitted sleeveless blouse ), then we won't change anything. Of course, if you know that this cocktail will last forever, and that you will still be standing, a few adjustments are recommended: no, no jeans, but pants or a skirt/ dress that is long enough and comfortable to wear .

On your feet, flat shoes. Avoid focusing attention and think professional attire, with some concessions for comfort. If the big boss visits you exceptionally, then be extra vigilant. Your old pants or sweater that you wear on Friday (Friday wear) will stay in the closet. Here again, pants with a straight cut and a plain top will be perfect. You don't have to look "disguised."

Evening with colleagues

The cocktail party is actually an evening outside the company walls! If you need to maintain your professional spirit, there is a little more room for maneuver outside the office. Here again, avoid completely transforming yourself. If you wear a discreet and elegant outfit at the office, your colleagues will not understand that you wear a tight dress with a plunging neckline once the evening comes. The idea is rather to repeat the outfit of the day, but to modify it slightly if the evening is “good-natured”, and in small groups.

Add earrings, necklace and bracelets to add a glamorous touch. Change your shoes to heels or open ankle boots. If the evening is actually a chic cocktail party, THE annual cocktail party, then you need to adapt.

By respecting the company's codes, you can dare to wear an original dress like this ¾ sleeve dress or this casual dress with belt . They are the right balance, because you shouldn't overdo it either! You have to give the impression of coming home to put on a dress, a little makeup touch-up and presto. If it seems like you've spent hours primping yourself, beware of being teased the next day...

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