Comment s’habiller pour un entretien d'embauche ?

How to dress for an interview ?

How to dress for an interview ?

If you are applying for a job as a waitress in a fast food restaurant, you will not wear the same outfit to your job interview as you would for a position in the marketing department of a large leather goods company based in Paris. Certainly. However, there are codes that can be applied to all job interviews. Miss Grenade guides you.

Focus on sobriety

Because this exchange constitutes your first meeting with your potential future employer, you must immediately make a good impression during the job interview. This is how Mademoiselle Grenade recommends that you focus on sobriety. Don't be too extravagant! An interview is quite short, sometimes lasting a few minutes to an hour for certain positions of responsibility. This time frame is too short for a recruiter to understand you and your personality. We therefore avoid the flowery dresses that you love so much, the headbands in your hair, the slightly short top that reveals the navel (and your piercing) are not recommended for a job interview. We rather choose to combine blouse and pants.

  • With matching colors: make sure you have blouse and pants with the same shades of gray, black or white. This will give you a serious image, but be careful not to become “too” serious, or even stuck.

  • With non-matching colors: you can combine a white top with gray pants and a small black blazer. Avoid using too many colors. Three shades maximum.

Dresses or skirts are allowed (keep fairly classic cuts) as are low-cut tops. There is one rule to follow: avoid overdoing it. No skirts too short, necklines too deep or heels too high. Try to be “average”. You must make a difference thanks to your skills and your experiences, and your outfit must demonstrate your seriousness. During your job interview, it's not her who should stand out to the recruiter, because in this case, even with a solid CV, it's either make or break...

3 outfits suitable for a job interview

The “classic” suit

A beige suit and a black shirt, and you immediately have an elegant look (see our section with a selection of blouses ). Add earrings if you usually wear them. At the bottom, round-toed shoes, with small heels, and you have a “go-anywhere” outfit. This is the outfit that is appropriate in the vast majority of job interviews, but which risks being a little too “dressy” for certain positions (yes, fast food for example).

The skirt + sweater or dress

Pair a pencil skirt with a classic ¾ sleeve top (white or gray). This outfit again allows you to be sober, but a little less “chic” than the suit. You can also choose a dress. For example, we recommend dresses with two shades, for an elegant and sought-after look, like this high-waisted quilted short-sleeved version.

Jeans + jacket

Yes, jeans can be accepted for certain interviews. Without holes, without decorations, with a classic cut, if possible quite dark, it will be accompanied at the top by a fitted jacket. If the whole thing is harmonious, then you will have a professional, more casual look. Avoid when interviewing for positions in large companies or in positions of responsibility.


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