Comment s'habiller pour travailler au bureau ?

How to dress to work in the office?

How to dress to work in the office?

Working in an office is necessarily synonymous with a classic or even austere style? Are we condemned to wearing a black suit, standard shoes and wearing discreet accessories? No. Miss Grenade proves it to you.

The traditional “office” look and its codes

Before seeing how it is possible to divert the codes of the classic office look , let's start by defining them. The matching suit is the combination of a jacket + white shirt + pants or skirt. Too strict? But no ! These are essential pieces. Carrot cut pants, a well-tailored pencil skirt and plain tops and blouses can reflect your personality. Everything is linked to the choice of cuts and colors, and the right combination of accessories to the whole. You should avoid dressing in black and white with basic cuts. So we're going to look for color:

  • Heather gray, beige or even camel are perfect colors in small notes for the professional world. They are not garish because they are “half-tone”. Example with the top, beige crossed neckline ;

  • All light colors will be perfect so as not to shock. A small blouse or jumpsuit with a fine fabric and a light color will be very effective, to be completed with a jacket of a stronger shade (black, royal blue, purple, etc.);

  • Red, green, blue… Unless you have a strict dress code that prohibits color, try them on at the office. Choose colors according to your complexion, but also your body shape.

The classic outfit for going to work can be adapted to your desires. And it is possible to go further! Adapt your outfit to your mood, but also to your function. For example, pants with a straight cut and a top that does not crease will be suitable for a manager, sure of always looking perfect. A few pieces of jewelry to assert your femininity, and that’s it!

Jeans, dress, neckline: you can wear it all to work!

Can you afford to wear jeans to the office? Are dresses prohibited? With my neckline, will I stand out? There are two simple answers to all these questions. First, what do the internal regulations say? If it requires an outfit for reasons of contact with customers or because of your function (reception, sales), then you must comply with the rules. Otherwise, you are free to dress as you want… But, and this is where the second rule comes in: always keep the “professional” framework in mind. The low-rise faded jeans you had in college stay in the closet. On the other hand, jeans with a flowing blouse, fine shoes and a well-defined belt, and you can have a very professional outfit. The same goes for dresses or skirts. Overly provocative cuts should be avoided. If you go to work with a very short skirt and a plunging neckline, some men will turn their heads, but above all you will be a nuisance. You yourself will not be comfortable, because you are out of step with the working atmosphere of an office. You have to find the right balance between everyday and personal outfits... You wouldn't come to the office in sportswear? So don’t come in “loose” or evening wear.

Find your office look by taking a classic base and adapting it. To help you, Mademoiselle Grenade offers you a wide choice of blouses , blouses , pants and other dresses , some models of which are totally designed for the office.

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