Comment s’habiller pour la soirée de fin d’année au bureau ?

How to dress for the end of year party at the office?

How to dress for the end of year party at the office?

As the end of the year approaches, and with it the Christmas celebrations, perhaps an evening is being organized in your company? Panic ! What should you wear? An all-purpose little black dress or, on the contrary, a very formal evening dress? An everyday outfit so as not to stand out or loose clothing? Relax, this event can take many forms, from a formal evening with a look back at the past year, to a theme evening. .. Mademoiselle Grenade explains how to adapt and find the ideal outfit for the end of year party

Corporate end-of-year celebrations

Do you know the end-of-year staff celebrations? If you are new to your company, perhaps your company has an event in November/December to look back on the past year. A company end-of-year party can take several forms, and each time, the right outfit to adopt will not be exactly the same.

  • The chic evening : suit for men, evening dresses for ladies. The end-of-year party can become a sort of “reception”. This is the case for certain companies which have several entities and bring together a selection of employees at headquarters or in an exceptional location. In this case, you have to play the game;

  • The institutional evening : during working hours, or when leaving the office, the boss announces the performance figures for the year, repeats the objectives... Nothing too sexy! We sometimes find ourselves dressed as in the day. However , a small fitted jacket will energize your look;

  • The festive evening : the furniture is pushed into the hall, the break room is decorated, and music. Among colleagues, we party. A moment that is sometimes quite disturbing and confusing. Keep your outfit professional so as not to surprise too many people.

Well dressed to party at the office

How to dress well for an end-of-year party at the office? As you can see, you have to adapt to the situation. For the chic evening, respect the imposed dress code. If you're afraid of overdoing it and attracting stares from your colleagues, an accessorized little black dress will be perfect. No need to go all out with a cocktail dress. However, it can be useful if the evening has a “select” side and is not open to all employees.

Find out in advance. Ask the question to find out who is invited or not. If the evening promises to be long, with a detailed presentation of all the figures, and a 40-minute speech from the president who came especially for the occasion, then choose suitable clothes! You need to be comfortable, especially if you are likely to be standing for a long time.

Tapered pants will be both chic and feminine (like this version of gray carrot pants ). The chic and also ultra-feminine jumpsuit can be a solution, like the jumpsuit with tied collar in ecru and brown colors.

If the evening is marked by celebration, be careful what you wear! A disguise ? A theme ? Try going classic, with a little top or blouse combined with straight-cut pants . Play the disguise game with caution. Have fun, but don't forget that the event remains a time for professional exchange.

Don't use this evening as an excuse to let yourself go too much and overindulge! Your colleagues, even if you are close, remain professional contacts.

It’s up to you to remain professional too… while letting go a little!


  • Hum personnellement je ne suis pas tres robes…mais cet article m’aide bien à orienter ma recherche de tenue pour la soirée annuelle ;)

    Nadia on

  • Pour m’habiller pour la fin d’annee en entreprise, je vais porter une chemise blanche avec des carreaux, mon costume bleu marine avec une cravate. Pour les chaussures, ce sera soit mes marrons fonces

    Jean paul, on

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