Comment s’habiller pour travailler dans la vente ?

How to dress to work in sales?

How to dress to work in sales?

How to dress well to go to work? What outfit to wear in your “job”? The answer largely depends on the role you perform! Today, Mademoiselle Grenade helps those who work in sales find the ideal outfit.

The outfit you wear has great importance in the professional environment. For sales professions, this is even more true! Between obligatory seriousness and constraints imposed by the employer (the famous dress code), but also the need to express your personality, Mademoiselle Grenade helps you dress well if you are a salesperson or if you have a job related to sales .

Be impeccable in all circumstances

A classic outfit like a pantsuit or skirt suit depending on the season, with a little fitted blouse at the top, and that's it? Yes, in part. In professions linked to commerce and “representation”, the main thing is to focus on clothes with classic cuts and colors . We don't get too carried away with flashy colors or asymmetrical cuts. Your companions at work will therefore be straight cut pants, a pretty sleeveless shirt or blouse (again depending on the season) and again classic shoes. Heels or flat? We let you choose.

You have to be impeccable in all circumstances, so we avoid tops with material effects, which will tend to take on crease marks as the day goes on. We also avoid pants that are too wide, tops that are too loose or, on the contrary, ultra-sexy... Having the right outfit to work in sales requires a balance between classicism and personality, without falling into the vulgar. After all, it’s not your outfit that should get you noticed! It is your speech and your sales arguments which, accompanied by appropriate clothing, will make you a good saleswoman. To add a bit of your personality, think about accessories: belt, jewelry, etc.

The essential pieces to be well dressed as a salesperson

  • The classic pant suit : straight or slightly flared, a pant suit asserts your personality and immediately gives you a “chic” and serious status. Choose a material that does not crease. You can play on masculine/feminine codes by looking at what is happening among men in terms of trends. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you smocking pants , cigarette cut pants or even pleated pants that are very modern and adapted to the business world.

  • A pencil skirt : wearing pants every day isn’t your thing? If you can afford to break away from the classic code of tailored pants, dare to wear a skirt! Not just any one. The pencil skirt is the most sophisticated and chic you can wear. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you a satin version, but also a high-waisted pencil skirt with a retro touch.

  • A plain light-colored top : of course, a black top will be perfect, as will the variations on shades of gray. But don't forget to bring a little light too! Discover for example this yellow and beige short-sleeved blouse .

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