Comment faire sa valise pour un voyage affaires ?

How to pack your suitcase for a business trip?

How to pack your suitcase for a business trip?

Some businesswomen find themselves working all around the world. If they are far away and deprived most of the time of their family and friends, they can at least console themselves by telling themselves that they are lucky to discover the world, new countries, new cities... Whether you are a young novice or, on the contrary, one of those professional women who travel the world, you are probably wondering what you should take with you. “What clothes should I take?” », “Have I forgotten something? »…

How to pack your suitcase for a business trip?

The best way to minimize the anxiety of packing your suitcase is to organize yourself well and…prepare, prepare, prepare for your trip! Today, Mademoiselle Grenade offers you some advice for packing your suitcase and organizing yourself for your next professional trip so that you can concentrate on your mission when you arrive at your destination.

Packing your suitcase for a business trip can be a nightmare. It's always unpleasant to have to go shopping in an unknown city looking for a piece of clothing or an accessory left at home. And even if you know exactly where to look for what you forgot in France, it is very likely that your schedule does not allow you to go and buy that essential forgotten “little something”.

Carefully preparing and planning your trip is therefore essential to take everything you will need with you: Suitable professional clothing , toiletries, etc.

Before packing your suitcase, research your destination

Before even taking out your suitcase, take some time to find out about your destination. Particularly if you have never been to the country or city that awaits you. Good knowledge is essential for optimal preparation. Your colleagues will not fail to envy you if you have taken the time to learn about the characteristics of your place of stay.

The essential questions to ask yourself for a business trip:

  • What are the climatic conditions of the country or city? What is the weather forecast during my stay?

  • Am I in a big city, a small town, a suburb?

  • Is there a cultural and/or religious clothing style that I should be aware of?

  • Which sector of activity will I work with? What is the clothing style specific to this sector of activity?

  • What kind of meetings will I attend? Seminars, meetings, conferences…?

  • What company-related social events should I attend?

If you suddenly feel intimidated by these questions, don't panic: these days, professional attire is pretty universal. Take the time to answer these questions by preparing the clothes that seem most suitable to you. Don't hesitate to add more layers to enjoy real comfort and be efficient as soon as you arrive.

Business trip: prepare outfits for the day

Chances are you'll have to wear formal attire for a few days. Also, it is important that you can carry versatile pieces that are easy to combine, in order to vary your looks. So choose one or two basic pieces, like a simple black dress or a navy blue dress , which you can accessorize in different ways so that you don't have the same look every day. You can create your outfits using these dresses as a base. Furthermore, as you cannot predict in advance how long your meetings will last, these dresses will allow you to quickly prepare for the dinner or the evening to come. You just need to make a few adjustments. Keep it simple. Think chic and practical. A few well-chosen accessories will allow you to use your dresses as a perfect base and easily modify your outfits according to the program: belts, necklaces, earrings, will be surprised to see how much a few accessories can modify a outfit. It's a great way to travel light while still looking impeccable and absolutely remarkable.

Business trip: prepare outfits for the evening

Unless you're having a fancy dinner or a very formal evening, the clothes you bring as the basis of your outfits will suffice and allow you to go from daytime to evening looks in the blink of an eye . Loosen your hair or style it differently and above all in a slightly less formal way. Open your blazer. Add a touch of sparkle here and there using lipstick and eye shadow. Slip on a pair of glamorous heels. Finally, spritz an invigorating mist of your favorite scent and voilà: you'll be captivating and ready for your evening in less than half an hour. If you think you need additional advice, don't hesitate to consult the ideal list of clothes to take on your business trip .

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