La liste idéale pour préparer votre voyage d’affaires.

The ideal list to prepare your business trip.

The ideal list to prepare your business trip.

Your company has just announced that you have been selected to go on a… business trip. Whether or not it's the first time you've been invited to represent your company abroad, you may be one of those women who always forgets to bring something. To make it easier for you to prepare for your business trip, Mademoiselle Grenade offers you a list of clothes not to forget in your suitcase.

The ideal list to prepare for your business trip.

List of clothes to take during your business trip:

  • DRESSES: Two light dresses, perfectly fitted. Choose trapeze or fitted cuts that can be worn with a jacket during the day and highlighted with a few accessories in the evening. Choose at least one little black dress that will easily serve as a basis for your different outfits. Choose quality dresses , impeccable and made from fabrics that are pleasant to wear.

V-neck dress, semi-high collar, black.
  • TROUSERS AND SKIRTS: Take with you black tailored pants and a pencil skirt that you can wear with your jacket. Remember to pack pieces that, when paired together, will enhance your figure and flatter your body shape. You need to make sure you always make a good impression.

Black tapered tailored pants, very elegant!
  • TOPS AND BLOUSES: Choose at least three tops. Of course, a fitted white blouse is essential . If you want to add a pop of color to your outfits, pack a pastel or neutral-colored top that can easily match the other clothes in your suitcase. A blouse with a monogram or subtle pattern can also add a chic touch to your outfits.

White blouse, casual-chic, V-neckline On a business trip, wear this blouse with a suit or classic pants.
  • VESTS AND CARDIGANS: When you want to dress more casually, leave fitted jackets and blazers aside and opt for a cardigan instead. A vest may also be welcome depending on the climate and expected evening temperatures.

Long cardigan cardigan, wrap style, in fine navy blue knit
  • JACKETS: Choose a fitted, perfectly fitted jacket. Make sure it can be worn easily with all the clothes you are packing. A gray, black, or navy blazer can give you different outfits by simply changing the pieces you wear underneath or changing up your accessories.

Women's fitted blazer, lined interior, navy blue.
  • COATS: The trench coat is probably the perfect coat. It is perfectly suited to formal outfits and appropriate for business trips. Chic and timeless, it is also very versatile and can therefore suit the contents of your suitcase.

Women's trench coat, suede, gray
  • SHOES: Always pack at least two pairs of shoes, one for daytime and one for evening. Choose the ones that are the most comfortable and versatile enough to go with your outfits. Don't pack uncomfortable shoes: You shouldn't spend your trip focusing on your feet. Also forget new shoes, freshly taken out of their box. Finally, whenever possible, choose natural leather shoes. Leather is particularly weather-resistant.

  • ACCESSORIES: Remember the importance of accessories when packing your suitcase. They are essential to give the illusion that you have taken your entire wardrobe with you. Bring a scarf or stole to add a little color to your outfit and keep you warm if necessary. A pretty belt is also essential. You can wear it with your dresses, your jacket or your cardigan, to create different outfits. Choose carefully the jewelry you take and don't forget to take a watch with you.

Business travel: the little extras to put in your suitcase

  • A pair of ballerinas slipped into your handbag or within reach will be appreciated when you can no longer wear your heels.

  • A fountain pen or a chic pen will not only be useful but will convey a reassuring and professional image to your interlocutors.

  • A card holder. The contacts you meet during your business trip can be worth gold. You absolutely must be prepared to leave them a business card.

  • Also remember to bring a mini sewing kit in case of emergencies: it is always reassuring to have the necessary equipment to be able to sew on a button on a blouse, redo the hem of your pants, etc.

  • Don't forget your smartphone charger either. There is nothing worse than not being able to access your emails, contacts, etc. because of a phone charger forgotten at home.

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