Entretien d’embauche : Les bonnes et les mauvaises pratiques

Job interview: Good and bad practices

Job interview: Good and bad practices

You've managed to land a job interview and, understandably, you're a little stressed about not leaving a good impression. You've read our article to learn how to dress to land the job you want , but think you need some additional advice. Today, Miss Grenade gives you some suggestions for how to successfully conduct your interview. Discover the good and bad practices to succeed in your job interview.

Job interview: bad practices

Don't wear too much makeup:

Your makeup should highlight your face and your good taste, don't overdo it! If possible, make sure your makeup is waterproof to avoid unpleasant surprises (heavy rain or heat, stress, etc.).

Do not wear a neckline, a sheer blouse, etc.:

You are applying for a job interview and must appear professional and reassuring . So leave aside the sexy, femme fatale look.

Don't wear too bold jewelry:

The only jewelry you can afford are those that are discreet and elegant. Opt for pearls, a simple pendant or a delicate chain. Only your professionalism, your liveliness, your skills and your intelligence can shine brightly. You will never be fooled by bling-bling jewelry.

Do not wear sparkling materials (sequins, lurex, etc.):

Unless your top or dress is the work of a great designer or a high-end brand, your outfit risks appearing cheap and your look too informal.

Don't wear fur:

Beyond the simple fact that fur is clearly unsuitable for a job interview (a little too much, no?), fur is controversial and is less and less appreciated, fortunately.

Don't wear wild prints, ruffles or bold embellishments:

Stay sober, classic and elegant . Too much boldness or too much style during your first interview could harm you. Your outfit should not be too distracting but emphasize you and your skills.

Job interview: best practices

You only have one chance to make a good impression. So put all the chances on your side. Be perfectly groomed from head to toe.

Wear a watch:

Beyond its functional side, the watch is an essential accessory for a business outfit worthy of the name. Your future boss will be able to see that you have integrated punctuality into your professional skills. And punctuality is essential in his eyes.

Have a perfect manicure:

Hands are more expressive than you think. They can't look sloppy and deserve a perfect manicure. Choose a chic and discreet varnish color and avoid too bold fantasies and varnishes.

Get rid of your chewing gum:

Perfect breath is very appreciable, that's for sure. However, it's especially difficult to make a good impression while chewing gum. Don't forget to get rid of it before your interview.

Do your homework :

Today, it is inconceivable to go to a job interview without knowing the company or business for which you are applying. Do your research so you know where you are going. Google is a strong ally for this type of research, don't neglect it.

Express your interest in the position and highlight your organizational skills:

Passion and organization form an unstoppable combination in the eyes of an employer. Don’t hesitate to reassure him about your working methods, your sense of organization…

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