Entretien d’embauche : le guide parfait pour une tenue adaptée au poste convoité.

Job interview: the perfect guide to an outfit suited to the desired position.

Job interview: the perfect guide to an outfit suited to the desired position.

A job interview is an opportunity to make an excellent impression on your potential employer. Dressing appropriately and wearing an outfit appropriate to the dress code of the company or company you are applying for is part of the recruitment process. Are you ready to make that good impression?

It is important to always be prepared and have an outfit planned for a last minute interview. If you're wondering what to wear, keep in mind that the most important thing is to always be impeccably dressed.

If, as you'll discover in our guide, your outfit depends on the job you're applying for, you still need to look absolutely remarkable. If you need inspiration to make a good impression and land the position, read this article which gives you some ideas on what to wear for a successful interview.

How to dress to work in marketing?

Did you land an interview to work at the biggest marketing company in your city? Congratulations ! So you know how to showcase your skills, so now let your clothing style showcase your strengths. Make an impression on the person responsible for recruiting you and opt for a bold color or a pair of trendy shoes!

Navy blue low-cut blouse with red tapered pants

A true basic in women's wardrobe, tapered pants are one of those versatile essentials that we can't do without.

The right mix:

If you are interviewing for a position in marketing:

  • Don't be afraid to wear a bold, memorable color;

  • Don’t be afraid to wear fun prints or cuts;

  • Check the office vibe before you interview, and double check when you leave.

How to dress to work in finance?

You're used to juggling numbers so don't hesitate to show them the winning formula for an interview outfit . If you're preparing for an interview for a position in finance, accounting or banking, opt for a formal and professional silhouette or, perhaps, a slightly casual one. Opt for wide tailored pants and a belted coat but don't be afraid to wear a little color.

Women's loose pants with red blouse, V-neckline

If you have an interview for a position in finance:

  • Try sleek, modern silhouettes;

  • Don't feel tied to black and gray shades;

  • Don't be afraid to add a little color to your outfit or wear a stylish print.

How to dress to work in tech?

If you have an interview scheduled for a position in the tech world, prepare to show how cutting-edge you are, including your clothing style. Companies serving technology are often more accustomed to sweatshirts than flowing blouses: it's time to bring a little freshness to this world lacking in style! Opt for basic tops like a men's shirt and twist your outfit with a colorful or striped pencil skirt. It's time to prove that prints can mix and match just like classic pieces can pair with statement pieces.

Black high-waisted skirt with striped blouse

If you're interviewing for a tech role:

  • Bring freshness to basic pieces;

  • Don't be afraid to be bold and stand out;

  • Opt for casual, style-elevating accessories!

How to dress to work in education?

Make a splash with your fashion style before the bell rings. Whether you are applying for a teaching position or to become the new principal of the establishment, the business casual style is best suited to working in national education. Draped dresses are flattering and suitable for all figures. Wear yours with a pair of heels, a blazer or a trench coat. If you're not used to wearing dresses or skirts, opt for tapered pants and pair them with a flowy blouse.

Blue pantsuit and flowing blouse set

If you are interviewing for a position in education:

  • Choose clothes you have complete confidence in;

  • Don't stray away from cuts that flatter your figure;

  • Try combining basic pieces with bold hues.

How to dress to work in the medical world?

If the medical world sometimes requires formal outfits and sometimes more casual looks depending on the position, nothing stops you from showing off the surgical precision of your clothing style. Opt for a blazer and your favorite heels and pair it all with a pretty fitted dress. Not a fan of dresses? Choose tailored pants with a flared cut for instant, no-prescription beautification of your legs. Complete your outfit with a pretty trench or chic coat.

Sleeveless fitted dress with fancy bow

If you have an interview for a position in the medical field:

  • Choose basic and chic pieces like a blazer;

  • Don't choose bold accessories, keep it simple;

  • Stick to neutral and subtle shades.

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