Maîtrisez les essentiels d’une tenue de bureau professionnelle

Master the essentials of professional office attire

Master the essentials of professional office attire

Mademoiselle Grenade often invites you to complete your wardrobe with basics. Basic clothes are those timeless pieces, which have proven themselves over the seasons and years and which are both versatile and always very chic . The professional wardrobe also has its own basics. By having these clothes on your shelves, you are sure to have what you need to put together stylish outfits day after day. Here are some of these essential pieces: A black pencil skirt, a white blouse, wide pants (black, gray or beige), black pumps and an elegant handbag.

Of course, these are just the basics, the ones that will allow you to start designing your professional wardrobe. You can later add other clothes so you can design a greater variety of office outfits .

Suits for the office: 

Whether an ensemble with pants or a skirt, the jacket should always match the bottom perfectly. The colors most suited to the corporate environment, if it is quite formal, are black , navy blue and anthracite gray. Whenever possible, it is best to avoid wearing patterns or tiles. You want to make sure you choose a style that is both conservative and versatile.

Navy blue suit set for women

Blouses for the office:

The white blouse, as mentioned above, is an essential basic. However, you can also opt for more varied shades depending on your business and profession. Long-sleeved blouses are generally more suitable for the professional environment because they offer a more formal image but, as with the color of your blouse, it all depends on the professional environment in which you operate. Finally, for your comfort, it is best to opt for cotton or cotton blend blouses.

The white blouse, an essential basic for your office or evening outfits.

Tops for the office:

For your professional dressing room , you can count on a multitude of choices of suitable tops. Among these tops, you can opt for: A flowing blouse, a turtleneck top, a ruffled top, etc. If your company's dress code is quite formal, make sure to favor neutral shades and leave aside too bright colors or too bold as well as patterns that are too important. In general, make sure to wear clothing that covers you and therefore avoid pieces that are too low-cut or too high-cut.

Funnel neck top for the office and professional outfits.Ecru long-sleeved blouse, for the office or professional outfits.

Skirts for the office:

Skirts you buy to wear to work should not be too short. This means that they should not discover you too much when you are sitting at your workstation. Also make sure your skirt is suitable for walking elegantly as well as climbing stairs. Long skirts are suitable for the professional environment as well as slit skirts if the slit is not too large or indecent. You can therefore adopt a skirt with a slit so as not to hinder your approach, but definitely forget the skirt slit on the thigh, femme fatale style. Your professional skirts should fit perfectly without being too tight or too loose. Also keep in mind that full skirts are more casual than formal and should be reserved for personal outings.

Pencil skirt, high waist, navy blue: For the office and professional outfits as well as for chic events

A good motto to keep in mind when dressing for work: To stay chic, stay neutral and stay covered!

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