5 conseils pour améliorer vos tenues professionnelles

5 tips to improve your professional outfits

5 tips to improve your professional outfits

The start of the school year has passed and you may once again be faced with the following dilemma: What will I wear to work today ? You know your wardrobe by heart, you are tired of the outfits you are used to wearing to the office and even though you take stock of the clothing possibilities available to you over and over again, every morning you find yourself lost. to this well-filled wardrobe but which nevertheless seems so empty to you. Rest assured, Mademoiselle Grenade is coming to your aid and bringing you some simple yet valuable tips that will allow you to look at your days differently and go more relaxed to work in the morning.

Prints and geometric patterns

Some days start off more difficult than others and you want to add a little pep to your outfit. Why not opt ​​for pants with geometric patterns or flamboyant colors or even a printed top. These bold clothes can give you the glow you're looking for. To avoid going against the codes of elegance, opt for plain bottoms if the top is adorned with patterns and vice versa. If you are daring by nature and like to fully express your uniqueness, then you can select a matching top and bottom set.

With its tricolor print which revisits the houndstooth pattern and its cut inspired by the 50s, this trapeze skirt stands out for a particularly successful and effective mix of styles.

Loose skirts as an alternative

Under the influence of stylists, fashions and eras, the skirt has taken on various shapes and cuts and although each skirt will be more suited to one silhouette than another, the pencil skirt is generally the one that women favor for their professional outfits. It is certain that the pencil skirt, high waisted in particular, brings an elegance very suitable to office outfits. But if the pencil skirt is a wise choice for your days at work, you can also change your style by opting for a full skirt. Indeed, a full skirt will give you a very different look, certainly a little less formal but entirely adapted to your professional environment and your days at work. In addition, the full skirt is very easy to wear and offers very appreciable comfort. Whether you opt for a plain skirt or a skirt printed with floral or geometric patterns, you are sure to offer a very feminine and elegant image to the eye. A fitted, very structured blouse or a top with a lavaliere will be perfectly suited to complete your outfit.

Adorn yourself with a very feminine “Dolce Vita” tone that doesn’t lack character with this flared midi skirt.

The combination ? A piece as ideal as it is essential

Some days you are hesitant and think about the outfit that could break with your usual outfits. Combination may be the answer. The suit suits all body types and will therefore highlight your figure while offering you perfect ease in your movements. You can complete your outfit with a pretty scarf tied around your neck or a simple pearl necklace for a final feminine touch. Don't hesitate to consult Mademoiselle Grenade's advice for accessorizing your jumpsuit .

With its navy blue hue, this jumpsuit is ideal for an elegant and feminine look.

Dare to wear colored pants

Black, navy blue or khaki can be the basic colors of your wardrobe but if you want to liven up your look opt for pants in bright colors or with printed patterns . It is commonly believed that patterns are difficult to wear and that they do not suit everyone but they simply have to be combined with other plain clothes. A white blouse or a plain blouse in a bright shade will add a stylish touch to the ensemble.

Whether in casual mode, for example when entertaining friends at home or to display an executive look at the office for work, these pants adapt to all circumstances.

The blazer or coat as the ultimate piece

To cope with the cool weather that sets in in the fall, a blazer or coat is inevitable, if not essential. A jacket, a smoking jacket or even a wool coat can allow you to comfortably face the first frosts. Another alternative is to wear several pieces of clothing and gradually remove them to adapt to changes in temperature over the course of your working day.

With its graphic cut and V-neckline, this long jacket, closed with a button, offers us a feminine look, perfectly in tune with the times.

Thanks to these few simple and effective tips, we are sure that you will look at your wardrobe with less apprehension before leaving for work. Also remember that selecting your outfit and the different items that make it up is also a way of giving yourself some attention and going to work with high morale. Good day to you.

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