5 couleurs qui font craquer les hommes

5 colors that men fall for

5 colors that men fall for


Fashion is a personal question. Having a complete wardrobe and selecting your clothes every day allows you to assert your style and enhance your personality. But fashion is a little more than a personal question. Fashion is also a matter of seduction. To please your darling, find a new man in your life, impress your boss on a date... Knowing the colors that men like, and knowing how to use them, may interest you. Did you know, for example, that the color most hated by men is brown while women tend to hate the color orange (according to a Kiss Metrics study called True Colors )?

In short, believe it or not, certain colors transmit a lot of emotion to men, good or not. Wear some of them, and leave the rest in your closet. Mademoiselle Grenade advises you with a selection of 5 colors that men like to see on women.


Black is not a color! ". Of course, black is an absence of color but it is nevertheless the most present shade in your wardrobe. Not true ? Synonymous with sophistication, black goes with everything (or almost) and naturally confers status and authority. If you want to display a mysterious and refined side, then dare to wear black, and consider combining it with a bright or pale color in small touches (via accessories) so as not to fall into too much austerity. Read our article dedicated to black on this subject.


Obviously, men like red. They don't spontaneously say they like red, and clearly prefer blue or even green, but, believe us, they like red. This color is synonymous with sex appeal, boldness, femininity. Wear it as you want, without going overboard. Consider red as your dose of “readiness.” What ? Yes, according to a study by two American psychologists , Adam Pazda and Andrew Elliot, from the University of Rochester, “men perceive women in red as more open and interested in sexual encounters ”. You have been warned.


Ah, light colors! White and cream are popular colors during a first meeting ( Meetic and TNS-SOFRES study ). Clean, chic and pure, white is timeless. The same goes for cream-colored clothing, which sends a message of purity, innocence and “class”. Be careful, as usual, not to overuse white/cream and not find yourself, without paying attention, in an outfit worthy of a wedding.


Blue is the favorite color of both men and women. A vast majority of men like this shade, which can be infinitely available: light blue, bright blue, royal blue, electric blue. Blue isn't a typically feminine color (" you'll love pink, girl! "), but men like to see a woman in blue. A beautiful navy blue for the office, and an electric blue for an evening with friends?


Pink, a men's color ? Pink is soft, feminine, but should be handled with care so as not to fall too childish. Avoid “girly” shades, and instead prefer adult shades, like on this powder pink blouse , which has a beautiful pastel shade, to pair with sober pants.


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