Des goûts et des couleurs : le noir.

Tastes and colors: black.

Tastes and colors: black.

“In the dark all colors agree” Gaston Bachelard

And for good reason….black is not, strictly speaking, a color. It is the negation of all colors .

Long difficult to obtain, it was only in the 14th century – at the time of the Protestant reforms – that dyers made progress in dyeing the fabrics of ecclesiastics and other princes of the church.

From the 19th century, black became the color of those in authority: Gendarmerie, Customs, Magistrates, Firefighters, Politicians (in tailcoats or frock coats)

This “false color” is associated – in the West – with feelings of fear, sadness, anguish, mourning or death. It is the night and its mysteries, which we find in noir novels, noir films and our own dark ideas….

But paradoxically, the fact that black absorbs all other colors, it magnifies those that are close to it.

Thus, we will fix our gaze on the face, the hands or the ankles of the one who, in front of us, will elegantly wear her little black dress .

Because black in clothing is the symbol of refinement, wealth and elegance.

It is also that of luxury and sartorial sophistication.

The wealth and luxury that black symbolizes are found in the black stallion emblem of the Ferrari brand.

We speak of the Périgord black truffle as the “black diamond”; or caviar from the Caspian Sea like “black pearls” from sturgeon.

So black conveys, even more than negative images, symbols of refinement, wealth, luxury and elegance. Especially in decoration or fashion:

Are you wearing black?

Right away you reveal a little of your mystery and your magic; a lot of dignity too.

Black brings you this form of respectability, authority, and voluntarism which suits your personality so well. You force silence and admiration thanks to this garment . You are no longer anonymous. You stand out in the audience.

But be careful, this black garment , so simple and a little rigorous or austere, can (like white ) reflect an empty or sad soul. So don’t hesitate to enhance your black outfits with a pale or bright color (depending on your wishes and personal tastes).

Note in passing that, as it absorbs all the colors and rays of the sun, it is not recommended to wear it in summer.

However, if you like black, then let yourself go, both in the decor and in the clothing. This will give you a little air of mystery, richness and refinement.

Finally, know that black refines the silhouette. Look for example at the Chinese symbol of YIN and YANG and notice that by a curious optical effect the black point seems smaller than the white point...


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