Inspiration : 5 façons originales de porter un top blanc

Inspiration: 5 original ways to wear a white top

Inspiration: 5 original ways to wear a white top

It's hard to get more classic than a white top . This piece that almost all women have in their wardrobe is a “basic”, a piece that can be used both for a casual outfit or, well accompanied, for a professional outfit. A classic with which nothing new can be done? Think again. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you her ideas for innovating with a white top .

The XXL white top

Are you used to wearing white tops in a fitted version, to make a chic and elegant outfit or a “base” to put together your outfit with several layers? Very good, but remember to vary the models. Try the wide white top. Example with this top with crossed panels in the back and a pretty rounded crew neckline. No need to go rummaging through your man's shelves. Admit that this version of a loose white top with 3/4 sleeves and its crossed side on the side in a wrap-over style is cute. Dare to wear loose cuts, white is light and soft on the eye and allows you this freedom!

The sleeveless white top

Is the white top too monotonous? Take off the sleeves! This ecru sleeveless knit top balances your outfits and gives them personality in the blink of an eye. It will be perfect with graphic pants for a structured and modern outfit. Always to bring lightness and softness, you can also fall for this ecru semi-fitted sleeveless blouse which has simple lines and is adjusted with a set of chest darts.

The white top with the detail that makes the difference

Sometimes, when it comes to fashion, it's a small detail that makes the difference. How to stand out with something as simple as a white top? With an additional color or a surprising material, like with this white top which has bronze faux leather straps on the bottom of the sleeves and its base. Also think about the white backless top, with very chic little bow ties .

The “femme fatale” style white top

Last option to wear the white top in an original way and break your fashion routine: the “femme fatale” style. Yes, a white top can make you look chic and elegant. It's all about material and cut. In white, the satin is sublime, like on this short-sleeved version . Chic can also come from a comfortable, close-fitting top, which gives a mysterious allure. This ecru top will be ideal paired with a black skirt or dark carrot cut pants.

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