Osez les couleurs pastel

Dare to use pastel colors

Dare to use pastel colors

Synonymous with softness, symbol of appeasement, pastel can make you even more beautiful. Pastel colors are by definition light colors that can energize your outfits and give you chic and elegance. Mademoiselle Grenade guides you to wear these bright and delicate colors well.

When pastel comes into your outfits

Powder pink, faded coral, sea green… there are many pastel shades. To integrate them into your wardrobe if you are used to more classic colors, then start with small touches. The most basic piece?

  • For the bottom: jeans. Jeans in mint green or even soft yellow will be a good start, as will heather gray. Wear these pants with a striking top and accessories in a strong shade to contrast with pastel. It’s a way of putting it forward;

  • For the top: a top. There is a wide variety of tops and tank tops: green, blue, pink. To start without being too shocking, choose shades close to white, such as yellow and cream.

Once this “adaptation” to pastel shades has been made, discover the range of clothing within your reach. A pastel blouse will give you a very pretty complexion and will energize an office outfit. A pastel sweater will give you light and bring good humor in the heart of winter. A pastel coat will assert your personality, with a real stylistic bias.

Pastel as a common thread for your outfits

Some women choose to play the pastel color card to the fullest, with outfits entirely made up of light colors. Lilac, peach, sugared pink, mint green. Be careful, however, of errors of taste and association errors which can very quickly arise. The easiest way to rock a pastel look is to wear just one item of clothing. This is the case in summer with a little light dress. But as soon as you have to combine a blouse with pants or a top with a skirt, all only with pastels, then it gets complicated.

  • Wear pieces of the same shade on top and bottom: if the clothes aren't exactly the same color, and don't come from the same store, it doesn't matter. This will even allow for nuances;

  • Wear different pastel colors at the top and bottom: dare to complement each other between burgundy and green. You can also try the opposition between pink and sky blue, or between taupe and metal.

Remember that pastel shades bring lightness and softness. So be natural! Gently on makeup and hairstyle. Pastel simply makes you beautiful.


  • Moi j’adore les couleurs pastels. J’en porte énormément cela me va bien au teint et je trouve cela doux et féminin

    Angeline on

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