Total look noir : les codes pour être chic et branchée !

Total black look: the codes to be chic and trendy!

Total black look: the codes to be chic and trendy!

Women in Black. The trend is towards monochrome , and more particularly the combination of black clothing, for a “ total black look ”. A monotonous trend? No, quite the contrary. Wearing only black clothes is a minimalist approach, but full of chic and elegance with the right combinations. Adopting black completely is at the same time sober, elegant, and chic, if you know how to select the right pieces. Miss Grenade gives you the keys.

The total black look, a very practical return to “basics”!

The total black look is establishing itself as the trend for the fall-winter 2015/2016 period. At Boss, DKNY, Hermès, Longchamp and Paul & Joe, most of the collections presented during fall-winter 2015-2016 were filled with “total black look” outfits. A return to basics? Somehow. Faced with an excess of trends, materials and patterns, this minimalism centered around black is rather well received. You always think that focusing on black clothing is a default, and “sad” choice. So think instead:

  • Just one color to play with encourages you to make an effort with the materials! Thus, black is perceived very differently depending on whether it is cotton, leather, linen or even denim;

  • Mix clothes with cuts and effects to find complementarities between pieces of the same color! Yes, you will see that lace, a straight cut, an open back or even a little lace can make a difference;

  • Black is a color that naturally tends to slim the silhouette. So take the opportunity to wear pretty black pants and a fitted jacket which will lengthen your natural swing.

Play with the total black look according to your moods

As you can see, it is possible to use the minimalism of the total black look by putting effort into the materials and shapes. Mademoiselle Grenade offers you 3 ways to play the black card, depending on your desires and your current mood:

  • Black inevitably has a little “rock” side. So dare to wear a perfecto, a beautiful knitted sweater and carrot cut pants. A few pieces of jewelry on your wrist, some makeup with a little eye shadow, and that’s it;

  • Black is a great color for the office! Fine sweater, well-tailored pants , small patent shoes. You can be the “model employee” who is both discreet and professional, while remaining sober;

  • Black is ideal for an ultra-feminine and chic look. In addition to the little black dress that is quick to put on for all occasions, you can create a feminine look by combining a fitted top with a beautiful black high-waisted skirt .


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