Apprenez à utiliser la couleur comme camouflage.

Learn to use color as camouflage.

Learn to use color as camouflage.

While creating color combinations for camouflage is a specialty of the military, using color to camouflage is not just unique to the military. Stylists also master this art in order to harmonize, structure or balance the silhouette. Many people try to hide their flaw and wear black for this purpose.

We know that black has a slimming effect and the advantage of being chic . But black is not the only shade that can be used to hide certain areas of our figure and therefore you do not have to always wear an entirely black outfit. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some colorful tips to highlight your figure.

The monochrome look to appear taller

A monochrome outfit helps anyone—from the smallest figure to the tallest—look taller and slimmer . So, if you want to appear taller and slimmer, you can opt for an outfit made up of a single color. Conversely, if you are already tall and have some complexes, it is better not to succumb to the trend of the total monochrome look.

Contrasting colors make you look smaller

Wearing two contrasting shades on the top and bottom will make you appear smaller than you actually are. Also, if you are tall and want to appear smaller, use contrasting shades in your daily outfits. In fact, the two colors will divide your silhouette in two and will thus minimize the latter.

Stripes for slimming

Wearing any color of narrow, vertical stripes will have the effect of slimming your figure. Furthermore, the narrower the stripes, the more pronounced the slimming effect.

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