Utiliser la couleur pour influer sur votre humeur.

Use color to influence your mood.

Use color to influence your mood.

Studies have shown that color can have psychological effects. Yellow, for example, contributes to concentration, pink is supposed to make you more approachable while red is an asset to make you stand out.

It is often said that colors affect our mood. Wearing too much black could make us sad. However, no study has actually proven a real effect of color on our mood. And since colors have different meanings all around the world, it's a safe bet that these theories won't be proven anytime soon.

But if no scientific study can provide ultimate proof of an effect of color on our mood or that of those close to us, it seems obvious that a woman in a red dress will attract more attention than another wearing a red dress. neutral or nuanced. If nothing is set in stone, there are colors that are more suited to certain situations. Miss Grenade takes stock with you.

What color to wear for what occasion?

For tragic occasions: black is obviously acceptable. You can also wear navy blue, dark browns or gray. For serious occasions: When preparing for a job interview, put your color palette aside, even if the outfit of fitted pants and a button-down blouse is no longer necessarily in order. It is best to opt for a black pencil skirt and a discreet colored top that you will wear with a pretty necklace. This will be just as appropriate and will not appear too flashy. For festive events: if you are invited to a party such as a baptism, a garden party, a graduation, bring color to your outfit. If you are invited to have fun then even have fun with your clothes.

Boost your mood with your favorite color

If color has a direct impact on our mood then why not use it to alleviate our blues or our little daily worries? Black isn't the only color that can hide things. For example, some tall women never wear red because they don't want to attract too much attention.

However, red is also a color that exudes self-confidence. Also, if red is your favorite color, find a way to wear that color in a way that flatters your figure. If, for example, you have a pyramid-type body shape , wear a red top with a darker color at the bottom. This way, eyes will be drawn more to the top of your figure. You will therefore be able to wear the color that you like so much, while camouflaging the area of ​​your figure that you want to minimize.

The best of both worlds: use color to flatter your figure

Combine the slimming effect of black with the captivating effect of bright colors. If you particularly like a bright shade but think it's not flattering on you, use it to "catch" eyes. You can use it in different ways, especially with accessories: shoes, belts, handbags, scarves, tights , jewelry...

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