Quelques conseils colorés pour vous aider à briller !

Some colorful tips to help you shine!

Some colorful tips to help you shine!

While wearing color can be intimidating, there are some that are made for you and will look amazing. Others don't value you at all. This is why many people do not dare to wear color and choose to only wear neutral shades. It is very likely that you have a person in your circle (perhaps you for that matter) who has a wardrobe entirely made up of black or white clothes. If such a dressing room can possibly be practical and functional, there is little chance that it will be suitable if you want to have a trendy look.

If your wish is to leave the house every day with the assurance of being perfectly dressed, you need to breathe a little color into your wardrobe. Here are some valuable tips that will help you add color to your outfits.

1 Bright colors and neutral colors

If you're not a color fan but want to try new things by introducing color into your looks, you'll probably want to do it subtly at first. The best way to start is to put on a neutral item of clothing like a cute white blouse and pair it with something a little bolder like a cute pencil skirt or colored pants. Choose a shade that is not too bright to help you gradually become familiar with the color. This will also make you feel comfortable in your new outfit.

Chic blue pants and white blouse

2 Find the colors made for you

To feel good in your clothes, you need to find the colors that flatter you , those that flatter your complexion, the color of your hair and your eyes. Normally, you have to decide which is best for you between pale shades or darker shades. To do this, take two items of clothing from your wardrobe, a dark item of clothing and a brighter item of clothing. Hold each item of clothing close to your face. The shade that gives you a more pleasant complexion, that brightens your eyes and your hair is made for you.

3 Printed clothing and monochrome clothing

When choosing to wear something with a pattern, make sure it's the only printed piece in your outfit. If, for example, you opt for a printed blouse, combine it with bottoms whose color will be close to one of the shades of your blouse. Rather than mixing clothes with prints, you determine a color present in the designs of your blouse and choose that color as the base for the rest of your outfit. So if your blouse is blue with yellow and red patterns, you can opt for a blue jacket and pants of the same shade.

Chic pants and printed jacket.

4 Use jeans in your looks

If your outfit consists of a piece with a very bright color, combine it with another piece of denim. The denim shades that will give you the best results are neutral shades like blue, black, white and beige. By following this tip, you can easily accessorize your outfit with subtle printed elements and bright hues. Jeans are ideal for making a particularly bold outfit seem less daring.

5 Use neutral colors in your outfits

When you want to wear something brightly colored, you don't necessarily want to be overexposed to onlookers. In order not to attack them, integrate neutral colors into your outfits. Neutral colors always provide contrast with bright shades. So try shades of khaki, navy blue or gray. These neutral shades often work wonderfully. Black and white are also neutral colors that have worked for decades but these other hues always add a little more originality and are just as chic.

Chic red pants and navy blue blouse.

6 Try wearing a colorful dress

If you are not very comfortable combining your clothes and especially harmonizing their colors, opt for a colorful dress. This way, you will no longer have to pull your hair out trying to figure out how to match the colorful pieces in your wardrobe with each other. Once you have put on your dress, you can add a few accessories chosen from your favorite shades or with jewelry, bracelets, etc. in colors close to your dress. For example, combine your dress with neutral shoes and handbag or opt for a tone-on-tone ensemble or select your favorite shade from the colors on the dress and use it to combine some accessories.

Dress with low back, fuchsia.

7 Go for the full outfit

In the same vein, if you want to wear a color made for you but you know that you will have difficulty combining it with other shades, wear it as a total look. So you will no longer have to worry about correctly pairing your tops with your pants or skirts . In a situation like this, choose instead to wear a dress or jumpsuit in the color you want. You can accessorize your outfit afterwards to add a little spice and style to it. Most colors work beautifully with gold accessories, so don't hesitate to wear accessories like this to create a timeless look.

Pale pink jumpsuit: Casual chic

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