Des Goûts et des couleurs

Tastes and colors

Tastes and colors

Tastes and colors .../...

How can you better make yourself feel the importance of certain things without having to keep coming back to the subject? This is what Mademoiselle Grenade intends to (re)do through this article and the few others that will follow. We have already told you about the importance of colors. But it seems to us that in this somewhat gray, cold and monotonous period, sad and sometimes difficult for everyone, our site should bring you a little color to brighten up your daily life. And this even if the sparkles of end-of-year celebrations and Christmas decorations are on the horizon.

Seeing all the colors ... _ _

Color is everywhere. It surrounds us, invades us, overwhelms us. It gives us moods, feelings and changes our behavior and moods. Color accompanies our daily lives with strength and determination or with sadness and nostalgia... it depends! Mademoiselle Grenade is keen to bring you some tips gleaned here and there to add color to your wardrobe and let a little of yourself shine through your current choices. Tones, nuances, trends version feelings, moods and fantasy.....

What the colors say:

Your art classes may not be that far away and you still remember the classification of colors: Primary colors... BLUE YELLOW RED Secondary colors... GREEN ORANGE PURPLE Tertiary Colors...Golden Brown Other colors...White Black Pink Gray..... For each of them, Miss Grenade will remind you of its symbolism, small historical features, its harmonies or disharmonies, its variations and above all what they reflect about your personality.

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