Des goûts et des couleurs : Le bleu

Tastes and colors: Blue

Tastes and colors: Blue

Whether it is deep in the South Seas or pale like a spring morning sky, whether it is dense like a winter night or iridescent like the fur of Isatis the blue snow fox, blue remains the color ( apart from violet) the coldest of the light spectrum. It is the color of emptiness.

Blue surrounds us, it is omnipresent around us: sky, sea, horizon... it is the favorite color of Westerners.

Blue reassures, soothes, promotes sleep, it is linked to dreams, travel, relaxation (physical and mental) and meditation. We think of blue, we think of emptiness, of water that quenches our thirst...

Blue was a very difficult dye to obtain and therefore very expensive. It was called the color of God and often reserved for the Virgin's mantle.

In the Egypt of the pharaohs, blue brought good luck in the afterlife.

Thus, blue happens to be the symbol of purity, virginity, wisdom, peace, sincerity, freshness, calm, tenderness but also sadness and English we say: "to have the blues"!

Blue is the color of permission in the highway code for example...

Indigo blue symbolizes spiritual and psychic strength, it promotes creativity and inspiration.

Dark blue indicates more the depth of emotions and buried secrets.

This color which appeals to all generations can quickly turn out to be stifling, so it is advisable to combine it with lighter shades, such as white or beige.

Turquoises and light blues work wonders with shades of brown.

Are you wearing blue? :

You are creative, sensitive and you need a calming environment if this blue is light.

If blue is dark, you are independent, intelligent with a strong sense of responsibility.

Dressing in blue means dressing in a cold color that stimulates sensitivity and attracts the attention of the interlocutors. This color facilitates human contact and gives great self-confidence.

Paradoxically, it's the color of the very shy....

Some variations of blue: Slate, azure, sky, cobalt, cyan, indigo, lapis lazuli, forget-me-not, overseas, pastel, periwinkle, prussia, sapphire, turquoise....

La vie en Bleu: The blue planet, the big blue, a blue fear, being a blue flower, a cordon bleu, a blue anger, a blue collar, being of blue blood, a blue helmet, a blue steak, a blue overall , a blue in the army, seeing only blue.../...

“Blue, blue the sky of Provence...”

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