Des goûts et des couleurs : Le Blanc

Tastes and colors: White

Tastes and colors: White

“…This man walked pure away from the oblique paths,

dressed in candid probity and white linen…. » V. HUGO

Purity, probity, candor, in two lines Victor Hugo evokes (thanks to a Zeugma – which is a figure of speech linking two or more elements which are not on the same semantic or syntactic level) whiteness, the white, the immaculate.

Mademoiselle Grenade continues her exploration of colors and wishes to shed new light on:

WHITE: this color which is not one, but which results from the addition of all the others.

WHITE is a non-color.

But WHITE above all has a strong positive or negative symbolic charge in our daily expressions.

We readily associate white with innocence, marriage, virginity, peace, life, spirituality but also with illness, old age, anxiety or fear. In fact, white is dual as the Asian sign of YIN and YANG shows so well.

Let's see if you know these different statements, turns of phrase or clichés about white.

Give carte blanche, a white weapon, a blank bullet, be white as snow, a white beak, turn white under harness, a blank ballot, a blank vote, a little white one, a white voice, white magic, eat your bread white, a white wedding, mark with a white stone, a white goose……

But still …/…

Black on white, white gold, the white page, white fear, the white Russians, bleeding white, a white exam, making a white cabbage, in the whites of the eyes, raising the white flag, sewn like white thread, a white paper, a white collar……

And finally …/…

One says white the other black, heated to white, shoot blank, known as the white wolf, cut blank, point blank, not to be white – blue, show white paw, white cap-white cap, white race, sleepless night...

and to finish this exploration:

White week which brings us back to household linen; to clothing and therefore to Mademoiselle Grenade your accomplice in learning colors !!!

Wear white? Our advice on this subject:

WHITE lends itself easily to all contexts in terms of clothing, it goes easily with all other colors.

If only its transparency which remains a concern for the readability of the body or underwear.

A common mistake that many women make is wearing a white bra under a white blouse or shirt.

What color bra should you wear with white?

If you want to compensate for this transparency, we advise you to choose a bra color close to your complexion and to avoid lace fantasies or prints. It should be simple and subtle. If you have dark skin, opt for a dark brown or black model which will work best. If, on the other hand, you have fair skin, look for a flesh-colored piece instead. Avoid white underwear unless you have very fair skin.

Another solution to wearing a transparent model, if you don't want to show too much, is to wear a tone/tone camisole underneath.

Simple, elegant and versatile, white is a basic that is easy to wear and very easily offers a chic look. White is acceptable everywhere and by everyone.

However, you should not overdo it because it remains “empty” and “bland” and does not support a strong personality.

However, one piece of clothing ( blouse or skirt ) out of two, and you are full of vitality and energy because white brings a certain freshness to your look.

In addition, as white is luminous, it easily highlights deep complexions, matte or coppery skin, brown or dark hair.

So….quick! Go white

Some synonyms for white:

Alba, albugine, silvery, whitish, hoary, clear, cream, immaculate, colorless, ingenuous, innocent, ivory, Ivorian, milky, milky, lilial, limpid, livid, clean, naked, opaline, pale, platinum, clean, pure, supreme, empty, virgin, virginal….


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