Des goûts et des couleurs : Le rouge

Tastes and colors: Red

Tastes and colors: Red

Mademoiselle Grenade continues her investigations into the world of colors. Today: RED... Love, passion, sensuality, sexuality, triumph, heat, desire, flame, ardor, libido....

This is what red expresses when we mention it.

But paradoxically this color also refers to danger, anger, prohibition, aggressiveness, violence, confusion of the mind.

Red also translates exuberance, action, speed (sports cars, etc.)

Red is the color of joy and celebration (Santa Claus, toys, candy, balloons, etc.)

But red is also hell, sin, lust, blood, excitement, brutal force, war and its wounds.

Red stimulates the endocrine glands, causing adrenaline discharges which increase animal impulses.

Few colors are as ambiguous and paradoxical as red:

Love and passion / Hate and violence ...... Joy and celebration / War and suffering....

With dark orange, it is the color that is best seen (advertising, road signs, fire trucks, flags or acronyms evoking dangers, etc.)

You like to wear Red: You are extroverted, ambitious, full of energy, and somewhat impulsive. You have managerial qualities.

Know that red goes perfectly with black, white and brown.

Some synonyms for red:

Amaranth, brick, burgundy, carmine, cherry, poppy, coral, scarlet, crayfish, fire, madder, geranium, garnet, currant, purple, red, ruby, blood, tomato, vermilion, vermilion....

Some expressions around the color red :

Waving the red rag, Red alert, Getting angry all red, Coming out of the red, A red (communist), going red, Red of confusion, Being in the red, The red lantern, Red of anger, Red list, Red thread, Red Telephone, The Red Planet.

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