Des goûts et des couleurs : Le jaune

Tastes and colors: Yellow

Tastes and colors: Yellow

On sunny days, buttercups, daffodils, daffodils enliven lawns and lawns with their countless bright yellow corollas.

Until the little dandelion flower which; before becoming the seed that children will blow in the wind in multiple small parachutes; comes to light up the green of the spring meadows.

Tired of the cold and harsh winters, nature is adorned with yellow and wakes up under the beneficial rays of the sun – also likened to a golden disk.

YELLOW is very present in nature.

From spring, with its bright yellows to autumn and its coppery yellows, passing through summer with its sunflowers and its golden wheat, nature displays a very impressive palette of yellows... dear to the "Impressionists"...! !

YELLOW is joy, celebration, light and warmth.

In a house, rooms painted or wallpapered in yellow radiate brightness and bring a strong dose of well-being and optimism. Yellow reenergizes and revitalizes the environment.

YELLOW is dapper, it catches the eye (New York taxis or our postmen's cars, etc.) and it is widely used in advertising visuals.

It was the color of Vincent Van Gogh. A symbol of fraternity, friendship and knowledge, it is a color of life and movement, most often associated with the renewal of the earth, harvests and harvests. It was the color of the Emperors of China in the past.

Wearing YELLOW reveals an intelligent, lively, dynamic personality (The Yellow Jersey), extroverted and attractive.

Yellow in ready-to-wear:

yellow goes perfectly with white, cream, black or brown. Be careful, however, because yellow leaves no room for brain rest and can provoke your interlocutor.

Like many other colors, yellow has its negative symbolism (the yellow star or the house of counterfeiters in the Middle Ages)

Its appearance in dreams reveals vanity, instability, a need for superiority or a blind desire for power.

Yellow…it’s the world of rationality.

Some synonyms for yellow:

Amber, blond, bronze, buff, lemon, copper, golden, tawny, isabelle, yellowish, yellowed, khaki, mustard, ocher, fox, saffron, earthy, topaz.

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