Porter du noir nous fait paraître plus intelligente et attirante !

Wearing black makes us appear more intelligent and attractive!

Wearing black makes us appear more intelligent and attractive!

How important is the color you wear? When you stroll through the aisles of a ready-to-wear store or within the categories of your favorite online store , you probably look at two or three pieces a second before stopping at those that, inexplicably, catch your eye. will accompany them to the fitting rooms or into your shopping cart. In reality, if it is not totally decisive in your purchasing process, the color of the item of clothing you have just chosen plays a very important role in your perception of it .

For a long time now, most people, especially ready-to-wear and haute couture stylists, have considered black to be the best color for clothing. A recent study confirms that black makes us more attractive, intelligent, confident, etc. In fact, when asked "what is the color that inspires you the most confidence", black is favored by 56% of those questioned, 48% of women and 64% men.

Carried out by a wholesaler offering exclusively T-shirts of all colors, the study* consisted of knowing what qualities could be attributed to the colors we wear every day. The results of the study confirm this: Black comes first or second in all categories of positive character traits and, conversely, almost never appears to characterize negative traits. 66% of women find that black is the most attractive color in a man and 46% of men surveyed have a preference for women who wear this color.

Dressing to make a good impression: Interview and first date.

“You never get a second chance to make a good first impression” This phrase rings a bell, right? It only takes a handful of seconds for your peer to judge you on a first meeting and if their judgment is poor, you will need incredible charm and an impressive amount of assets and qualities to reverse the first impression.

If you want to impress someone during an important occasion (professional interview, parents/teachers meeting, first romantic date, etc.) you must inspire confidence and appear confident. And if you want to give that image of yourself, then you should consider wearing black. If you are confident you will also inspire positive feelings such as reliability, capacity etc. which will work in your favor.

What color inspires the most confidence?

While black is definitely the color that inspires the most confidence, red seems to create a divide between the sexes. As part of a first date, for example, 54% of women said they opt for the color red while only 28% of men choose this color for a date. This figure is also surprising because red is associated with aggressiveness, a rather masculine character trait, and even if most men are not aggressive, they do not want to give this impression or appear arrogant. This is probably why the second color chosen by men for a date is a calming and serene blue. The latest colors chosen for a professional interview or a romantic date are brown and orange.

It is surprising to note that only 2% of women and 8% of men would wear brown to land a key position. Although very close to red, the color orange would be worn by 2% of women on a first date and 6% of men think that this color is suitable for a first professional or sentimental date. During the survey, participants were also asked to classify colors according to their potential for attractiveness.

After studying the results, it finally appears that we like to see our peers wear the same colors as those we wear ourselves. Here again, the usual black, red, white, blue... shades are at the top of the podium while brown is on the last step. 56% of men like to see a woman dressed in red while women prefer men dressed in black or blue (66% and 48%). It seems that the way we dress is influenced by the way we are perceived. We tend to feel more confident when we wear colors that the opposite sex finds attractive.

Does this mean we are more confident when we feel sexy? Or is it the other way around?

In the end, the color orange is not unanimous and contrary to what one of the most trendy series of the moment would lead us to believe: Orange is NOT the new black! Black is the new black and we invite you to read our article on the total black look to adopt this ultra chic and feminine trend as quickly as possible!


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