4 techniques pour paraitre plus mince

4 techniques to look slimmer

4 techniques to look slimmer

The month of January ends and Mademoiselle Grenade continues her fashion advice to help you feel ever more comfortable in your own personal style, in your clothes, in your skin. Perhaps you decided at the start of the year to pay more attention to your figure, especially after the holiday meals in December. It is true that a balanced diet combined with sporting activity are the basis of a toned figure full of energy . But if you have not yet reached your goal and still want to appear thin, we invite you to continue reading this article which provides some approved tips for appearing a few kilos thinner.

Maintain good posture

It's simple, but when you don't stand up straight or when you are hunched over, your figure visually appears smaller and heavier. Indeed, when you do not have an upright posture, your spine is curved forward, extending beyond your stomach and compressing your lines. On the other hand, maintaining correct posture immediately makes you appear slimmer, and offers the image of a woman full of confidence and control. Keep your spine straight as well as your shoulders and position them slightly back.

And if you want to look your best during an impromptu photo shoot during an evening, a birthday... make sure to hold this same position while keeping your body slightly turned towards the left or right side, depending on the position of the device. This way, your waist and hips will automatically appear narrower and you will be proud of the result.

Dress according to your body type

There are several rules and tips for dressing, but one is absolutely fundamental: Dress according to your body type . This is especially true if you want to look slim and toned. For example, if you have an hourglass body type , your trim figure will still be flattered in figure-hugging clothing.

On the other hand, if you have narrow shoulders and wider hips, the trick will be, for example, to wear jackets or cardigans with a length that stops at the base of the hips. This way, you create a horizontal line starting from the widest point of your figure which will have the effect of making it appear slimmer. The tip for a rectangle type body shape , that is to say with shoulders the same width as the hips and a very shallow waist, will be to play on the volumes. For example, you can opt for flared skirts.

Play with colors and patterns

Colors and patterns can help you look slimmer. But also be careful of the opposite effect. Used incorrectly, colors or printed patterned fabrics can also weigh down your silhouette. For example, you can wear a two-tone dress with hourglass-shaped straps to appear more slender and finer while accentuating your curves.

Dark colors are also used to appear slimmer. This is especially true when you wear them completely, from head to toe. A total black monochrome look, for example, is very effective in refining the silhouette. If you want to visually slim just one part of your figure, cover it with dark colors and wear bright colors on the areas you want to highlight.

Wear flattering heels

An easy way to look a few pounds lighter is to wear heels. Heeled shoes deceive the eyes by rebalancing the silhouette. You are more slender and instantly appear slimmer, taller, and lighter. However, avoid shoes with an ankle strap, unless they are flesh-colored.

Indeed, the straps tend to visually cut the leg in two, making you appear smaller and less light than you really are. If you are not used to 10 cm heels, you can opt for lower heels to get used to this type of shoe.

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