Les vêtements amples ne vous font pas paraître plus mince !

Baggy clothes don't make you look thinner!

Baggy clothes don't make you look thinner!

Remember this: When you add layers of clothing to conceal yourself, you are visually adding pounds to your figure. Contrary to popular belief, shapeless dresses, oversized tops, trapeze jackets...do not minimize your figure.

Appearing slimmer, the fashion faux pas:

If you have voluptuous shapes and you constantly choose loose dresses thinking that you will hide your curves, stop! Dresses that are shapeless and too baggy or with an overabundance of fabric make you appear larger than you are. These dresses only accentuate the elements you want to hide. Plus, they make your body look shapeless. Draped clothes only do one thing: help you feel comfortable. Only clothes that fit perfectly to your size can make you look good. So forget about those that make your shapes completely disappear.

Also forget about clothes that compress you. Although it is tempting to cheat a little with this type of clothing, you will systematically obtain the opposite result from what you want. Opt for fitted jackets , tank tops and fitted tops that elegantly highlight your neckline. Also go for flowing, fitted blouses that will flatter your bust without visually compressing it.

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