Comment s’habiller quand on a une morphologie de type sablier ?

How to dress when you have an hourglass body type?

How to dress when you have an hourglass body type?

Considered to be the ideal figure for a woman, the hourglass body type allows you to wear the most flattering clothing. This morphology, sometimes also called an X morphology, is determined by shoulders of the same width as the hips and a well-defined waist. This body type therefore displays flattering proportions and if you have this figure you are particularly lucky because you do not have to make much effort to dress with style and elegance. You just need to know how to emphasize your proportions and respect the perfect balance of your silhouette.

If you would like to learn more about playing to your physical strengths, we invite you to continue reading this article. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you today some tips and advice for dressing your X-shaped silhouette and accentuating the natural contour of your perfect curves.

Tops adapted to the hourglass body shape

Wearing perfectly fitted and cinched tops is clearly the best way to highlight and flatter your perfect curves. You can opt for soft and feminine materials such as fine knit sweaters , silk fabrics or stretch-based tops to hug your curves and accentuate the harmonious lines of your body. Do not hesitate to reveal the birth of your neck by wearing open collars such as boat necks, draped collars, V-necks... By wearing this type of collar, subtly open on your neckline, you will give a little less importance to your bust while elongating your neck. This will have the effect of reinforcing the vertical line of your outfit and therefore of your silhouette.

How to dress an X-shaped figure? : Fitted gray crop top

Blouses with a few buttons left open, fitted tops, structured cardigans, empire waist blouses, tops with high collars... will work very well with your figure if they are correctly tailored and if their fabrics have a little elasticity ( elastane, stretch, etc.). Sometimes slightly loose cuts can give the illusion of a slim and slender silhouette but you shouldn't float in your clothes. The best way to look absolutely remarkable is to only wear clothes that fit your size, are fitted and fitted. Flowy materials are ideal for blouses and tops in general. Indeed, tops made from soft and light materials will fit your figure more easily and thus reveal your graceful curves.

How to dress an hourglass body type? The flowing blouse is perfect for your figure!

Skirts adapted to the hourglass body shape

As with tops, your figure allows you to wear almost any shape and style of skirt . Prefer structured skirts whose length stops at knee level and wear them with a fitted top, close to the body. Pencil skirts, flared skirts, hobbled skirts work very well on hourglass body types. A-line or trumpet skirts are also very flattering, especially when they feature vertical stripes that highlight your figure and compliment your curves. Stay away from skirts with horizontal panels. These will have the effect of unbalancing your silhouette.

How to dress an X-shaped body: The sheath skirt? A must to adopt!

Pants adapted to the hourglass body shape

When choosing pants or shorts, make sure to choose cuts that will tend to slim your figure in order to flatter your proportions. Prefer “boot-cut” jeans whose flared cut begins halfway down the leg or wear slim cuts (very close to the body) which will compliment your body shape and highlight it correctly. If you have a few small bulges at the waist, opt for high waists, not too tight. Straight cut pants , like skinny pants, are also suitable for hourglass figures because the extra width on the calf properly balances the proportions of these body types. Wear these cuts at the right length or a little longer than your legs. way to visually lengthen them.

Dressing an X-shaped body: Wear straight-cut or boot-cut pants

Dresses adapted to hourglass body shapes

The least we can say is that you are lucky. Your silhouette allows you to wear all types of dresses: From the sheath dress to the trapeze dress, including the draped dress or the wrap dress . All of these dresses work wonderfully on a body shape as balanced as yours. Just make sure the neckline of your dress fits your bust size, chest size, and neck length. Indeed, and as we explained in our article devoted to outfits for women who have small chests or the article devoted to clothes to wear for women with large chests , not all necklines and necklines flatter the bust in the same way.

How to dress an hourglass body type? You are lucky, almost all the dresses will flatter you!

Follow these tips carefully and you will always be impeccably highlighted and will know how to flatter your natural assets.

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