Adaptez vos bijoux à votre morphologie

Adapt your jewelry to your body shape

Adapt your jewelry to your body shape

If you want to add a touch of uniqueness to your outfit, it's hard not to finish your look with a pretty piece of jewelry. Jewelry is simply essential. Today, various brands offer costume jewelry at very reasonable prices and you would be wrong to deprive yourself of it. Costume jewelry is on the rise and works real miracles. However, you need to know a few rules before rushing for the first piece of jewelry that flatters your retina in the window of your favorite jewelry store. Today, Mademoiselle Grenade guides you to adapt your jewelry to your morphology and physical characteristics.

Jewelry adapted to your body shape:

Recommended jewelry if you have a round figure:

In this case, do not hesitate to wear voluminous jewelry such as a necklace made of large pearls, a large ring, an important brooch... Indeed, jewelry that is too small, too discreet, will tend not to be seen and will give too much importance to your curves.

Recommended jewelry if you have a petite figure:

If you don't want to appear thinner than you are, avoid accessories and jewelry that would overshadow you. So avoid overly large necklaces, imposing rings, hoop earrings... Prefer fine accessories that reflect your figure.

Recommended jewelry if you have a long neck:

If you want to minimize the importance of your neck, you can diminish it by wearing crew-neck tops and complete your outfit by combining several thin chains. You can also wear long earrings.

Recommended jewelry if you have a small neck:

To lengthen your neck, you can wear blouses with a V-neckline. When it comes to jewelry, choose necklaces that will lengthen your neck as well as your silhouette. Forget overly long earrings and opt for short ones instead.

Jewelry recommended for short and/or thin fingers:

Rush for thin rings and completely skip the large rings which will not fail to camouflage your fingers.

Jewelry recommended for long fingers:

You can afford to wear rings with a larger volume. Choose simple, finely crafted rings that are also ideal for large, slender hands. But if you're lucky to have pretty hands, don't hide them behind a collection of rings. A ring or two will do.

What color jewelry to wear?

As with clothing, it is advisable to know a few basics to wear the right color jewelry. The first is to never wear tone on tone. If you have a pretty blue blouse , don't pair it with a blue necklace but instead opt for a contrasting shade. It's also helpful to know that not all jewelry shades will necessarily work with your skin tone. Generally, golden, coppery, amber shades, etc. are recommended for warm complexions. Cool complexions will prefer silver and pearls.

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