Quelle jupe trapèze acheter et comment la porter ?

Which trapeze skirt to buy and how to wear it?

Which trapeze skirt to buy and how to wear it?

Do you want to wear the tops in your wardrobe effortlessly? Do you want to visually reduce your hip size and look absolutely seductive and remarkable? Today, Mademoiselle Grenade invites you to succumb to the charms of the trapeze skirt. If its shape is reminiscent of the first letter of the alphabet, the trapeze skirt is so essential in a woman's wardrobe that it should not be called skirt A but rather A+. This is, in any case, the rating it deserves to have.

Versatile, basic and flattering, the A-line skirt (or A-line skirt) is a miraculous, all-in-one skirt. Women have never abandoned this skirt created in the early 1960s. Its trapeze shape slides over the hips before delicately flaring to make them appear slimmer to our eyes. But the trapeze skirt is also appreciated for its ease of giving volume to women who are a little lacking in shape. Ultimately this creation was able to make its place thanks to its ability to balance all silhouettes, with accuracy, glamor and elegance.

Which trapeze skirt to buy?

If you want to buy an A-line skirt , opt for a model made from a strong fabric that is versatile enough to last through all seasons. Yes, the trapeze skirt does not care about the climate and can be worn whatever the time of year. If you plan to wear your A-line skirt to work , invest in a dark or neutral colored skirt that will be appropriate for your corporate days. If you want to purchase a trapeze skirt for your moments of relaxation (shopping, walking, etc.), let yourself be seduced by a more daring skirt, in a bright color or with patterns.

Navy blue high waist trapeze skirtTrapeze skirt, high waist, houndstooth print: Original and chic

This skirt should easily meet your expectations and become your style asset for your outings in town or in the evening.

How to wear the trapeze skirt?

In addition to being flattering and highlighting most body types, trapeze skirts are very popular for the elegant femininity they bring to our outfits. Pair yours with a sweater, a button-down blouse, or a cute, comfy top so you feel on top of your style. Wear it with a jacket, a basic belt and a bag adapted to your look of the day. While it is often tempting to wear flat shoes, they often need height. This is particularly the case for knee-length trapeze skirts which are always best worn with high heels.

Trapeze skirt, high waist, with woven yoke of graphic patternsA-line skirt, knee lengthSuedette trapeze skirt, high waist.

The A-line skirt is so versatile that the combinations available to you are virtually limitless. It can be worn very easily at work with elegant and feminine shoes as well as on weekends combined with flat shoes, ballerinas, espadrilles... Let yourself be tempted!

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