Style : 10 situations où la personnalité est plus importante que votre morphologie.

Style: 10 situations where personality is more important than your body shape.

Style: 10 situations where personality is more important than your body shape.

A person's clothing style does not only depend on their body shape, hair color or skin color. Personality is probably the most important element in building a true, authentic personal style. Your personality is the key to finding clothes in which you will feel confident and completely comfortable. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some situations to prove to you that before your body shape, it is your personality which is the basis of your style.

Your personality is essential when you have to choose:

  1. The right print or flattering patterns

  2. The fabrics or materials of the clothing that will make up your outfit

  3. The style of shoes and their comfort level

  4. Accessories to complete your look : jewelry, glasses, handbag…

  5. A new haircut or a special hairstyle for an event

  6. Makeup that will flatter your complexion and highlight your eyes

  7. The underwear you will wear with your outfit

  8. Special details or fantasies on your clothes

  9. The colors that will make up your wardrobe and therefore your outfits

  10. The level of visible detail or number of accessories worn

Of course, your body type will guide you on how to wear your clothes , on what colors to combine and how to combine them to highlight yourself. It will determine whether you should wear horizontal or vertical stripes as well as their width. It will guide you on where you should accessorize first and in what way... But your body shape won't tell you any more.

Your body type does not tell you:

  • If you have to wear stripes, floral prints, abstract patterns or leopard print.

  • If you must, choose knitted clothing or fabrics made from natural materials or those made from synthetic materials.

  • If you will be more comfortable in a pair of high heels or ballet flats.

  • How much time does it take to get ready, do your hair, do your makeup, do your manicure… What lipstick should you choose? Rather the glamorous red or the one which is more discreet and shines slightly?

  • What kind of underwear will you choose? Those in organic cotton, those in lace...?

  • What detail would you like to wear on your outfit? The ribbon tied around your neckline or rather shiny sequins?

As you can see, many choices you make without taking your body shape into consideration. It is your personality that answers these questions and therefore mainly determines your clothing style .

When you dress according to your preferences, following what you like and what speaks to you, you are more comfortable and more confident. You are truly you, authentic. This is why it is interesting to always try new styles of clothing. This allows you to discover in more depth what you like and what you don't like. It's a bit like trying new foods or dishes.

Not everything we try for the first time necessarily catches our attention. It's hard to love everything. However, trying, testing, also means giving yourself a chance to discover a new favorite piece, a new favorite item of clothing.

Chances are, when trying on a new item of clothing in a store, you've already said to yourself, "No, that's not me!" ". This has happened to you before, hasn't it? Next time you'll know it's your personality coming through. But, however, do you know who this “me” is?

By learning and understanding what you like or don't like, by knowing the extent of your personality you will have more possibilities and ease in finding clothes made for you.

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