Les lignes des robes au service de mon style et de ma silhouette.

The lines of the dresses serve my style and my silhouette.

The lines of the dresses serve my style and my silhouette.

As you know, Mademoiselle Grenade regularly invites you to develop your clothing style . There are so many: elegant, sporty, casual-chic, romantic, relaxed, business… The shape of clothes contributes greatly to style. The texture of the fabric, its drape, its color affect your look, your image. To master your personal style, you must know and understand the different cutting lines used. These are generally classified by letters (A, V, X, etc.), by geometric shapes (trapezoid) or by eras (Empire, Charleston, etc.). If you regularly ask yourself this question “ Which dress is right for me?” » or “Which dress is suitable for my body type?” », we invite you to continue reading this article. Today, Mademoiselle Grenade invites you to take stock of the different cutting lines used in the design of dresses.

Dresses cut along an A-line

Ideal for hiding certain small flaws in the silhouette (pelvis too short, waist too high or too low, etc.), the A line is characterized by a trapeze shape and often has a line at hip level (seam, headband, belt, etc.) which interrupts the height of the dress.

Dresses cut along an H-line

Primarily intended for silhouettes that have well-balanced shoulders and hips, H-line dresses feature sides that follow the vertical lines of the body. As with dresses cut in an A-line, the height of an H-line dress is usually interrupted by a belt. H-shaped dress, sleeveless, bi-material.

Dresses cut along a V line

If you think you have small shoulders and want to add more structure to them, the V line is for you. This line in fact emphasizes the top of the bust and gives well-structured shoulders in relation to the bottom of your figure. The effect is generally produced by shoulder pads which visually develop the build. Perfect if this one seems too faded to you! On the other hand, it is not recommended for body types whose hips or buttocks are well defined to wear dresses cut along a V line. You risk, in fact, unnecessarily weighing down your figure.

Sleeveless V dress

Dresses cut along an X line

This line is the most popular among designers. Dresses cut along an X line are characterized by a marked waist which refines the silhouette by highlighting the chest. In addition, the flared skirts of the X-cut dresses ensure an easier walk. However, dresses cut in an X-line do not suit every figure. If you have a very developed chest , if your bust is particularly long or on the contrary short or if you have a shallow waist: this line will not be the one intended to highlight you.

X-shaped dress, navy blue, short sleeves.

Dresses cut along a Y line

This line is characterized by a V-cut bust and a straight skirt that highlights the waist. A Y-cut dress particularly benefits the upper bust. This line is therefore recommended for silhouettes whose shoulders and chest are poorly developed. Indeed, a Y-cut dress perfectly balances the proportions between the bottom and top of the silhouette.

Black Y-shaped dress, sleeveless.

Dresses cut along a trapeze line

The trapeze line is perfect for hiding a poorly defined waist, overly developed buttocks, hips or thighs. A trapeze dress is not highlighted by darts (except on the shoulder or armhole line) and has a slightly flared cut on the sides.

Three-hole dress, trapeze line, sleeveless

Dresses cut along an Empire line

The Empire line is characterized by a very high waist. On this line, the skirt actually goes up to below the chest where it is connected by a set of gathers or pleats. This very high waist emphasizes the bust and highlights the chest. It also helps to blur a slightly developed stomach, buttocks or hips.

Black Empire waist dress, neckline.

Dresses cut along a dome line

Suitable for evening dresses as well as city dresses, the dome line very often produces refined and distinguished dresses. A dress cut along a dome line is characterized by a well-defined waist that highlights the chest. Connected at the waist by gathers or pleats, the skirt is inflated at the hips, producing a real camouflage effect. It is therefore particularly suitable for silhouettes with well-developed buttocks or hips.

Little black dome dress, sleeveless,

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