Comment choisir une jupe qui flatte votre silhouette ?

How to choose a skirt that flatters your figure?

How to choose a skirt that flatters your figure?

In order to accentuate your femininity and always look remarkable, you must choose clothes that flatter your figure. If the skirt is an essential part of a woman's wardrobe, there are so many different models that it is not always easy to find the skirt best suited to our figure. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some advice to find the skirt made for you.

The pleated skirt for slender and slender silhouettes

If you have an I-shaped figure, your shoulders and hips are aligned and your waist is not very defined. Your “slightly boyish” body shape can be feminized by emphasizing the waist in order to rebalance the proportions. The pleated skirt is ideal for this.

Flared skirt with box pleats on the front

The mini skirt to highlight slender and sexy legs

If you have beautiful, long legs, you can highlight them by wearing a mini skirt. This very short skirt , ideal for those who want to draw attention to the finesse of their legs. Furthermore, wearing a mini-skirt allows you to divert attention to another part of your anatomy. This can be practical if you have some complexes such as a small rounded stomach, small breasts or, on the contrary, too large breasts. If you want to highlight your legs, don't hesitate to consult our tips for lengthening your legs and your silhouette . Don't forget that a mini-skirt is difficult to match with a top with a neckline that is too daring, as it risks looking a little too vulgar.

Short skirt in black faux leather

The trapeze skirt for pyramid silhouettes

The A-line skirt is probably the most flattering skirt there is. It is certainly the one that is best suited to all body types. Its fitted waist and its cut which flares from the waist to the base is ideal for balancing a silhouette and highlighting our femininity. A-line skirts are perfect for pyramid-type shapes because they naturally follow the shape of the silhouette while providing remarkable balance.

Trapeze skirt, high waist, navy blue.

The maxi skirt to balance the proportions of tall women

The maxi skirt is a long skirt that goes down to the ankles. However, the maxi skirt must be worn correctly in order to bring the right balance to your figure. Choose cropped tops which harmonize perfectly with maxi skirts or perfectly fitted tops (or blouses).

Gray maxi skirt, in cotton jersey.

The pencil skirt for slim and toned silhouettes

The pencil skirt is a great classic in women's wardrobe. Its simple shape is cut close to the body and stops at the knee. Although it is very easy to wear and is suitable for most body shapes, the pencil skirt is ideal for slim and toned silhouettes. If the pencil skirt is often compared to the businesswoman's outfit , it can also be worn other than with office attire. Spruce up yours to wear it in a casual urban style with a pair of sneakers and a fitted top.

Fitted pencil skirt, high waist, beige

The shaped skirt or midi skirt to emphasize your waist

The midi skirt works best on tall women because its length can be difficult to wear for a petite woman. The shaped skirt is ideal for accentuating the waist, especially by tucking a button-down top or blouse inside and teaming it with a pretty belt. The midi skirt is the ideal skirt for a casual weekend, a brunch or a dinner with friends.

Fitted skirt, midi length, high waist.

By knowing your body shape and the strengths of your figure perfectly, you will be able to highlight them by adopting the skirt made for you. You will then be perfectly comfortable and confident and will be able to present yourself in an absolutely remarkable outfit, every time.

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