Comment s’habiller avec de larges épaules ?

How to dress with broad shoulders?

How to dress with broad shoulders?

Your body shape has the following particularity: your shoulders are a little larger than the rest of your body. You would like to find the clothes that will perfectly give you the desired look. It's not mission impossible. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you some tips to help you achieve your goal and you will thus be sure of your elegance and your silhouette.

How to dress when you have broad shoulders?

Before we begin, do you have broad shoulders?

When we imagine a silhouette with broad shoulders, we automatically think of an inverted triangle shape : broad shoulders, shallow waist and hips narrower than the shoulders. However, women with different body shapes (round, pyramid, rectangle, etc.) can also have broad shoulders. You may have an hourglass body shape and still be affected by shoulders that are too prominent. Most women are aware of their broad shoulders, they sometimes feel that people always look at this height. The trick is to flatter and flaunt your best features, which will automatically reduce the focus on your shoulders.

Some essential points to achieve your elegance goals:

  • Wear a V-neck that will reveal either the base of your neck or deeper upper chest

  • Wearwide leg pants , the top will seem less important

  • Prefer knee-length skirts, which will lengthen your silhouette

  • Look for tops with raglan sleeves that will soften your build

  • Opt for jackets and blazers that fall at hip height

What is best to avoid so as not to increase your build

  • Forget dresses or jackets that have shoulder pads

  • Ditch blazers and jackets that fit both the shoulders and the waist

  • Determine the right size of your jackets, because otherwise you risk easily accentuating the inverted triangular shape you are trying to avoid

  • Stay away from tops that have straps that are too thin. Tops with short sleeves or a ruffle will be much more chic

Can I wear a dress with straps?

In summer, a strappy dress is essential so as not to suffer too much from the heat and to start working on that tan which gives you an irresistible glow. Only wide straps will be able to minimize the width of your shoulders. A flared dress will be perfect for your overall look.

Black midi dress, V neckline, chic and elegant.

Which dresses to choose with wide shoulders?

Short and flared dresses will give you the desired benefits. Do you like to wear a dress both for work and for your outings? The numerous cuts and finishes will ensure you have a constantly renewed look. Are you slim and have pretty legs? Don't hesitate, wear a dress model that will flatter your figure. The ones you prefer will reach the knee and the fitted cut will focus attention on your slim waist. Dresses with seams or a yoke in the direction of height will be the most sought after. The finishes to examine closely are those that concern the shoulders and neck. You can let yourself be seduced by an asymmetrical cut.

Opt for a draped dress or wrap top

These clothes will wrap you around and thus minimize the importance of your shoulders. It is a safe bet that will bring you the expected comfort. It's easy to find tops or dresses in this style. In addition, these cuts are suitable for all body types because they lengthen the silhouette and clearly highlight your waist. Another quality, this structure splits your body in two and, thanks to a sumptuous V-neckline, these clothes naturally draw attention to your perfect size.

Show off your sensuality with a pretty neckline

Necklines are made for you. By wearing a low-cut top or a low-cut dress , you will be radiant. This fantasy is ideal for you, so don't hesitate to adopt it and slightly reveal your pretty chest. Feminine elegance has been able to free itself for several decades from certain constraints dictated by customs from another time. Furthermore, drawing attention to your neckline will do wonders for you if you are not lucky enough to have long legs.

Focus on original finishes

You can't change your physique but you can use all the tricks to reduce that shoulder width that makes you uncomfortable. There are so many cute outfits to come to your rescue. A sexier touch is within your reach. A pussy bow around the collar of your blouse made from a very soft material, a lace top or a top with ¾ sleeves are tips to achieve your desire for elegance. You can opt for a flared skirt, midi length, to flesh out the lower part of your physique and thus give less importance to the upper part.

Dare to wear clothes with a bare back

The jumpsuit or dress are assets to give you that feeling of being the most glamorous in the audience. You can feel perfectly relaxed with a completely bare back. Original patterns can also adorn the back of your garment. You can choose a succession of bow ties, a tulle insert... Of course, your outfit will be more or less daring depending on the nature of your outing. If you want to wear a dress or top with a very low back, avoid wearing a short length on your legs. Instead, choose a dress or a midi skirt to maintain a certain charm in your outfit. Your pretty slender legs will be dressed in a pair of very elegant tights , shoes with fine heels will be a plus to crown your dazzling beauty.

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