Comment s’habiller selon sa silhouette ?

How to dress according to your figure?

How to dress according to your figure?

A, V, H, 0, X, 8… behind these numbers and letters hide morphotypes. Clearly, by looking at yourself in the mirror, and comparing your silhouette to the rules that define each profile, you can determine in 2 minutes your morphotype, and the clothes that will suit you best. Mademoiselle Grenade explains how to do it, and gives you the most suitable outfits.

Determine your figure in two minutes

All women are different, and depending on our body shape, certain clothes suit us better than others. To find out if these straight cut pants suit you well, or if this low-cut patterned top makes you sexy, you have gotten into the habit of systematically going through the fitting room (in store) or ordering (online), with the risk of having to make a return. But there is a trick. Before choosing a piece, you can simply ask yourself if it matches your figure.

  • A-line silhouette : your upper body is narrower than your waist and hips. You have a pyramid silhouette; V-shaped silhouette : it’s the opposite! Sporty and ultra-feminine, slim upper body, and wider hips;

  • H-shaped silhouette : your silhouette is described as rectilinear, with a shoulder line that follows that of your hips;

  • Silhouette O : you are a round woman, with a generous upper body (chest and shoulders) and pronounced hips;

  • X-shaped silhouette : the hips and shoulders are aligned, but the waist is thin. It is the “ideal” silhouette according to current beauty standards;
  • Figure 8 silhouette : the figure 8 silhouette is similar to the X figure, but with a more pronounced waistline and generous curves. An X-shaped silhouette with a size 40/42!

Have you identified your silhouette? So now is the time to choose the right clothes.

Tips for dressing according to your body type

Now that you know your figure, it's much easier to avoid wasting time on clothes that seem pretty to you, but that don't suit you at all... Here are the pieces to favor, silhouette by silhouette.

  • A-shaped silhouette : select fitted tops, with a wide V-neck if you have a beautiful chest, in order to rebalance your silhouette. Wear flared pants , to give you momentum;

  • V-shaped silhouette : by wearing tight-fitting tops, you will focus attention even more on your chest! So prefer flowing tops (see our selection of blouses ). At the bottom, opt for low waists (dresses and pants);

  • H-shaped silhouette : since your waist is not (or barely) defined, it must be created. Fall for empire dresses (like this sweetheart neckline dress model) and tunics that you can accessorize with a belt worn high. Dare to wear a low waist, with straight cuts;

  • O-shaped silhouette : your femininity should be highlighted, with a pretty neckline. Not too plunging though. Opt for straight cuts, and avoid too loose materials which will give you even more “volume”. You must seek finesse;

  • X silhouette : it's very simple, the X silhouette is the one that gives the most freedom. Straight or fitted cuts, flowing materials, necklines or high collars. Try it!

  • Figure 8 silhouette : no straight cuts or too loose cuts. For what ? They will hide your curves, but that is not the desired effect. You need fluidity. Tight and fitted dresses, flowing tops . Reveal your generous but balanced shapes!


  • L’apparence physique compte beaucoup dans la sphère sociale. Celles qui maitrisent l’art de bien s’habiller sont vraiment chanceuses !

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