Quelle robe rouge choisir selon sa morphologie ?

Which red dress to choose according to your body type?

Which red dress to choose according to your body type?

It's not just the little black dress that deserves your attention! A complete wardrobe must also include a little dress… red ! A classic piece, which has a chic side but also and above all brings a sexy note. A little red dress has powers. She indeed has the gift of instantly bringing a touch of seduction, and can even transform us into a femme fatale. With a pretty cut, and accessorized as it should, a red dress can greatly outclass a little black dress, and mark your personality. Mademoiselle Grenade tells you what you need to know to choose and wear it well.

The red dress, symbol of femininity and seduction

If we look at the symbolism of colors, red is synonymous with passion, love, sensuality... It is also a color that we associate with elegance and sophistication. So, to have a chic and refined look, it is entirely possible to go away from classic colors (white, black) and wear red. The red dress has long been associated with the image of the seductive and glamorous woman, sometimes even “dangerous” and mysterious. To be convinced of this, you only need to look at the cinema posters which feature heroines adorned in a red dress. Let us cite, for example, classics like La Parisienne with Brigitte Bardot, Une Femme Dangereuse , or even the lighter Mary at all costs with Cameron Diaz. A must-have piece for your wardrobe.

Red corolla dress, sleeveless.

Which red dress to choose?

To choose the right red dress that will accompany you for an outing with friends, a romantic evening or even an important meeting, you must take into account your body shape (for the cut) but also your skin color (for the shade of red). Search for the ideal red dress in our selection of dresses by following these tips:

Choose your red dress according to your body type

  • For curvy women, a beautiful red dress will be fluid and airy . Don't hesitate to choose a trapeze dress with a lot of material if the flat areas are tinted a pretty red. Few seams, and freedom of form, as with this sleeveless red swing dress ;

  • For petite women, on the contrary, it is better to play the structured dress card. If you have a beautiful chest, opt for a red dress with a beautiful bustier. If you want to emphasize your legs, play with the length of your dress, and choose a model that stops above the knees. Try this red dress with a low back or this version with a sweetheart neckline .

Choose your red dress according to your skin color

  • For women with fair skin, prefer very nuanced versions of red, which even lean towards bright red. You can play on this contrast by adding a touch of red to your base makeup, and wearing a pretty lipstick to complement it;

  • For women with olive or dark skin, look for red dresses with more complex colors . This is particularly the case for models that combine red and orange , or even red dresses with a fuchsia tendency .


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