Comment s’habiller pour s’adapter à sa morphologie ?

How to dress to suit your body shape?

How to dress to suit your body shape?

V, A, X, O, I and H… Every woman has her own silhouette and the letter that corresponds to it. Whether you have slightly broad or slender shoulders, a narrow or well-defined pelvis, but also large or small legs, it is possible to define “rules” that will help you choose the right clothes. Mademoiselle Grenade deciphers the dress codes for you according to body type .

The main body types, and the clothes that are most suitable

Morphology in A:

Also known as a “pyramid” type morphology, the A-shaped silhouette is very common. Your upper body is narrower than your waist and hips. Close-fitting tops, with boat necklines or a wide collar will highlight your chest and rebalance the silhouette. Empire or trapeze dresses, which highlight the waist, will restore value to your bust and shoulders. At the bottom, flared pants, accompanied by heels, will enhance your silhouette. Perfect if you are small. All the clothing tips for A-shaped figures .

The H-shaped morphology:

The H shape, also called rectangle, is that of women who have a straight silhouette, with shoulders as wide as the hips. The size is then very little marked. You have to create it visually, with suitable clothing! Empire tunics and dresses are recommended. Prefer straight skirts and straight pants at the bottom, sometimes with a low waist. So, you will not widen your thighs, but on the contrary be able to highlight your waist with a slightly fitted jacket (to be worn open) but also a belt worn a little loosely, falling on the hips. All the clothing tips for H-shaped figures .

The O morphology:

Round shoulders, rounded stomach and generous chest, the O morphology is that of “round” women. Highlight your upper body with a pretty neckline! Be careful not to dive too deep, as this can become vulgar. Avoid cuts and materials that tend to add volume. Choose clothes that fit! Dresses, skirts and pants will be straight. As for colors, matte fabrics, with dark colors, will refine your silhouette. All the clothing tips for O-shaped figures .

V-shaped morphology:

Sporty and ultra-feminine, the V silhouette (inverted pyramid) is that of women with a slim upper body and wider hips. Problem, with tight and short tops, the eye will be drawn towards your chest. To avoid this phenomenon, go for flowing tunics. At the bottom, baggy pants and low-waisted pants will be your allies, to create an illusion of a marked waistline. You can let yourself go with trendy flared jeans and bootcuts. All the clothing tips for V-shaped silhouettes .

The X morphology:

A slim silhouette, a thin waist, aligned shoulders and hips, the X silhouette is often described as the ideal silhouette. It is then said that women in X can wear everything. Flowy tops, straight cut bottoms… Everything is good! You can dare to use colors and patterns without much risk of stylistic missteps. All the clothing tips for X-shaped figures .

The figure 8 morphology:

Quite close to the X shape, the figure 8 silhouette is that of women with a well-defined waist and generous curves, with overall harmony (hips and shoulders aligned). You have shapes, so show them off! Avoid straight or loose cuts that will hide your curves. On the contrary, wear flowing and light materials at the top, and tight and fitted dresses at the bottom, to reveal your waist and show off your balanced figure. All the clothing tips for figure 8 figures .


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