Comment s'habiller quand on est menue ?

How to dress when you are petite?

How to dress when you are petite?

Do you have a slim figure ? Whether you dress in a size 34, 36 or even 38, depending on your body shape, height and weight, your overall figure may appear slim or even skinny . It is sometimes difficult to put up with it and find the right outfit! Mademoiselle Grenade gives you her tips and tricks.

Have a more feminine silhouette with the right clothes

To break this very small appearance that characterizes you and be more comfortable with your appearance, you must play on the proportions to give your overall silhouette more femininity: enhanced chest, well-defined hips, thin waist. Here's how to act on these key areas with the right clothing.

Create volume where it's missing:

  • Hips/buttocks: to enhance your buttocks but also your waist and add more femininity, choose clothes that clearly define your shape. Well-cut jeans, tight shorts or even a high-waisted skirt are all clothes that focus on this part of your body to highlight it. If you struggle with these pieces, try a pleated skirt or skater skirt. They enhance the waist and the cut allows you to highlight your hips. Warning: no short, loose skirts, which will reveal the thinness of your legs.

  • The chest: with a round or square collar, dare to highlight your shapes. Is your chest reduced? Don't you dare show it? So opt for tops with material effects (fluid, light, puffy) or layer several elements. We need to add volume where it is missing. This blouse with yoke is ideal. Also think about dresses open at the back or sweaters with a wide neckline that extends over the shoulder. These pieces will draw the eye elsewhere, and structure your upper body. Absolutely avoid the V-neck which is not adapted to your body shape.

  • The waist: a small short jacket , which stops just above the waist, will allow you to mark it and break up the verticality of your silhouette. Also go for dresses and other long fitted jackets, which will “mark” the waist and create an X-shaped silhouette.

Accessorize your look to appear less petite

In addition to clothing, it can also be wise to use accessories to add volume effects. We can never say it enough, but a high-waisted belt, whether thin or thick, will energize your appearance and highlight your waist. Immediately, a dress becomes more than a dress: a fashion piece straight out of a magazine, because it is better displayed.

Also think about brooches and other original belt buckles to adorn your outfit. Volume, here it is with stoles and other scarves. In winter or summer version, these pieces of fabric will give you volume at the bust level. Plus, it prevents you from catching a cold! 2 in 1.

On your feet, choose shoes that do not interfere with the work done by the clothes. Heels will only accentuate the “verticality”. Prefer flat shoes or shoes with small heels. It's time to treat yourself to a pair of ballerinas.

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