Comment s'habiller quand on a une forte poitrine ?

How to dress when you have large chest?

How to dress when you have large chest?

A chest with a beautiful volume is an asset for being a luscious and ultra-feminine woman. However, are you having trouble managing your neckline? On the contrary, you want to display it but you don't know how? Here are Miss Grenade’s tips.

Choosing the right lingerie to enhance your breasts

Before tackling the choice of the right dress or top that has the neckline that suits you perfectly, start by focusing on the choice of your lingerie. Indeed, with a generous chest and a D cup, you have to make the right choices in underwear materials. Some very trendy models (like triangles or bandeaus) may appeal to you, but they are designed above all for small chests... With your chest, you need support. Choose a model with underwire, this is the base. And choose the right size. A bra that is too small, and your breasts appear bulging, which can be seen even with a top. On the contrary, good lingerie will be perfect for reshaping your bust and shaping it. Let's move on to clothes. Dressing your chest is a question of good materials, good cuts, but also colors!

  • Materials: you need light and fluid materials. Jersey, light cotton, but also cashmere are suitable. You should avoid materials that are too close to the body, such as lycra. For what ? Because there is a risk that your generous chest will pull on the buttons... And it's not very pretty! Try the semi-fitted sleeveless blouse or this peter pan collar blouse .

  • The cuts: go for a top with a little fullness and a V-neck, a basic blouse or a straight dress that highlights the waist. You should choose clothes in which you feel comfortable, and which do not emphasize your neckline too much. So no more empire dresses or tops that are tight at the chest and flowy at the bottom. The risk of focusing attention on your generous neckline is real.

  • Colors: dark colors generally refine the silhouette. Black, gray, but also shades of garnet and emerald will give you a certain status, chic and elegant, without tipping over into provocation. This short-sleeved purple blouse combines elegance and discretion very well.

Reduce or take responsibility for your chest? The clothes you need

You have understood, if you have a large chest, it is above all according to your personality and your desire to assume it or not that you will have to make your choice of clothing.

To reduce your chest

Try tube dresses, that is to say “sheath” dresses that adapt to all body shapes (see the sleeveless sheath dress ). A round neckline will be perfect. Also think about sweater dresses, with a fine knit. For the office, wear classic blouses, and unbutton (slightly) this one. They will go very well with carrot cut pants.

To enhance your chest

Wear dresses that lighten the silhouette and have a V-neck. For a romantic evening or a “chic” outing, choose a dress with puffed sleeves and mark your waist with a belt or ribbon to further enhance your bust . Satin dresses and silk blouses are also to choose from. These materials allow you to guess the shapes and the play of transparency will be very sexy...

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