Comment s’habiller quand on a du ventre ?

How to dress when you have a belly?

How to dress when you have a belly?

Accepted or repressed, these curves at the stomach level should not prevent you from having chic and glamorous outfits. Yes, with your shapes, you also have the right to feel beautiful. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you her list of tips and tricks for dressing well when you have a belly.

Cuts and materials are essential when you have a belly

This seems obvious, and yet many women who have rounded stomachs do not take the time to choose the materials and cuts of their clothes . So, follow the rule: you need fluid materials , as opposed to stretch or elastic materials that hug the shapes. Your stomach has some small imperfections that you are not always comfortable with, so you might as well not point them out. Opt for tops in silk, satin but also linen or polyester.

For blouses, poplin will be perfect. Try for example this flowing kimono sleeve blouse or this polyester V-neck blouse . Choosing fluid materials, which do not “stick”, does not mean that you have to choose clothes that are too loose and shapeless in size XXL in an “oversize” way.

Close-fitting outfits are possible, but on condition that you choose from the materials above, and choose a fitted cut (not fitted ). At the bottom, wear high-waisted or classic pants or skirts . Please, no low waists because your stomach will not be valued. On the contrary, a well-designed high waist and your stomach will be sheathed.

Show off color and dare to use prints

When it comes to color, one in particular is sure to occupy your wardrobe: black . And yes, black is known to slim you down. It's true, but what banality. You of course need some black pants and tops (and also the essential little black dress ) but you must dare to use color. Play with darker shades, which will also tend to make you slimmer. A deep green, an elegant royal blue or a mysterious aubergine tone, and your style is much less sad and monotonous.

What about prints? Please note, they should be used with some reservations. Unlike plain fabrics, those with patterns have the unfortunate tendency to “enlarge” the perception. You can still go for patterned dresses or blouses, but with small elements. Choose soft versions, with controlled color contrasts. This ¾ sleeve satin blouse with patterns is ideal.

Consider, in addition to our recommendations, accessories. The belt in particular can help you balance your figure. Because the belly is a little swollen, wear the belt higher, towards the chest, to give your dress a very casual empire style.


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