Comment s’habiller quand on a des épaules carrées ?

How to dress when you have square shoulders?

How to dress when you have square shoulders?

If you have a body shape with broad shoulders, then you have already encountered this difficulty: you need to feminize your silhouette. It's not always easy to break the appearance of these shoulders which, although they give you an athletic look, are sometimes too much for an evening dress. Mademoiselle Grenade gives you her tips.

Wide shoulders: clothes to avoid

If you have a V-shaped figure, that is, with shoulders that tend to be wider than your pelvis and an overall athletic look, then you should avoid certain clothes. Avoid tank tops and tops that are too wide at the neckline: these masculine cuts, which highlight the shoulders, appeal to men who want to assert themselves, but for you, we're banned. On the contrary, you must try to hide the shoulders and highlight your neckline.

With this in mind, also avoid certain types of collars: the “boat” version which is too square and follows your shoulders, but also the turtleneck, which amplifies broad shoulders. Since your bust tends to be lifted by your shoulders, you need to find height. So also forget about outfits with stripes or horizontal patterns. These prints will tend to make you look bigger and broaden your silhouette. It is quite the opposite that we are looking for. What clothes to keep in your wardrobe?

Refine your shoulders to support them better

To live well with your square shoulders and adopt a chic and elegant look, several strategies are available to you. Either find stratagems to hide them, or take responsibility! Miss Grenade recommends the second option. For this, you have the choice.

  • If you want to assert your shoulders without complexes, choose tops with balloon sleeves or with the top slightly puffed at the shoulders, then fitted to the waist. Discover for example this tie blouse with beige balloon sleeves (one of the best sellers);

  • You can also choose clothes that will emphasize another part of your body. Go for this on a top with a V-neck that clears the chest. No need to have a very large neckline, a feminine cut, a push-up, and the effect is successful;

  • So that the eye does not focus on your shoulders, try a top with an open back, with lace or even a version accessorized with bows or fancy elements. Try this blouse with back yoke and this lace version;

  • Strapless dresses are prohibited? No. A pretty dress will reveal your shoulders but also your neck and your neckline. With a hairstyle that frees your neck, you will be ultra-feminine.

In all your choices, never forget that you must work on your vertical lines. It is in verticality that you will find your strengths. So forget about big prints or “big” material effects. Play with finesse and use accessories to add even more length: necklaces, necklaces and other shoulder bags will refine your silhouette. If you like earrings, choose long and thin versions to refine your neck... and your shoulders!

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